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Thursday, July 29, 2010

the not so secret

Here's a conversation between myself and my co-worker today:

My Co-worker: I'm so pissed off at my boss. I've been looking for jobs online all day.

Me: Anything good?

My Co-worker: No. Nothing. Anything good means a pay cut.

Me: Do you know what you need to do?

My Co-worker: No, tell me. Tell me what I need to do.

Me: You need to write down your ideal

My Co-worker: (overlapping) Is this "The Secret?" are you going to go all "The Secret" on me? Because you know I hate that shit.

Me: No, this isn't "The Secret" no. Well kind of but listen. Ok, you write down your dream job, you know be specific, you have to be very specific and write down what you really truly want.

My Co-worker: Oh yeah, definitely.

Me: But you know, in this reality. You have to be realistic.

My Co-worker: Trust me I am. I'm always realistic. Ok, so then what?

Me: Then just put it out there. Post it on your blog or I don't know, like go on a hike and stand on a cliff and like, wad it up into a ball and

My Co-worker: (overlapping) and eat it? Should I just eat the fucking thing?

Me: Yes, eat it. Eat the fucking thing and then wait until you shit it out. Shit it out and then put it in a bag and put it on your boss' doorstep and light it on fire and when he comes out and stomps it out, THAT is when you will get your job.

My Co-worker: That's what I need to do huh?

Me: Yes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Davey is 3

And doesn't he look like the little man in that photo? He is Super Davey. Davey is officially wearing NO DIAPERS. We are very proud. He is very proud. It is so exciting. He has accidents, yes but every day it's getting better. Do you know how much money this is going to save us?

Davey is having his birthday party on Saturday. We are doing a pool party in our complex and I've invited basically the entire neighborhood. It might get a little crazy. Davey is Psyched for this party. This morning he got to open one present from his grandpa. It was a kid's digital camera. He LOVES it. Thanks Pop Pop!

What else can I say about Davey? Yesterday, I took him and Jasper to the park and first he peed in the public bathroom (amazing). Then, he climbed up this big "Spider Web" climbing thing they have to the top of the slide all by himself. He did this like 5 times. Each time was it's own little challenge, a big struggle and each time he reached the top TRIUMPH!! CHEERS!! He was so proud of himself. He's been trying to climb this thing for a long time.

There was a little girl at the park who was obsessed with Jasper. She kept coming up to him and grabbing his hands and putting her toe on his cheek. She was like 2 years old or something. Well, Davey did not like this, "NO! My baby brother. He doesn't like that!" Then he gave Jasper a hug. Well, Jasper was fine with it really. I think he was kind of into this girl but Davey was being very possesive. I said, "Davey, it's ok. She's just playing with Jasper. He likes it." and then Davey walked over to the little girl and put his finger up to his lips and made a "shhhhush" sound. "Shhhh. Be quiet. He might be sleeping." I guess he was trying a different tactic to get her away from his beloved possession.

Another slice from the park was Davey at the top of the slide. There was an older girl there who was being really mean and when he tried to get by her she said, "Are you 8?' and he said, "Wanna go down" and she said, "You're not 8 are you? You are just a BABY, aren't you?" in a really horrible sing song way. And Davey said, "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Then he stopped himself and said, "I DON'T LIKE THAT!! I WANT TO GO DOWN NOW." And she got out of the way and he went down.

I think that gives you a pretty good idea of where he's at.

Happy Birthday my sweet self possessed boy. You are my pride and joy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a long while. I'm so busy at work and we went on Vacation to Yosemite. It's a special place for my mom and sister and I because we spent a lot of time there with my Dad when my sister and I were young. I haven't been there since I was 11 years old and it was very powerful for me to be back, in a good way. I feel that my dad's spirit is there and going back was like visiting him in a way. The place we stayed was outside the valley and kind of gross although it did have a petting zoo which Davey loved. Next time we go we will definitely stay in the Valley because being there was like being in heaven.

Here is a little slice from one of my favorite parts of the trip. Jasper and I were just sitting on the edge of the Merced River watching Davey play in the mud and my Nephew Taj and my Niece Kiah jumping in and out of the water, which was FREEZING COLD. I jumped in a few times myself. It was so hot out and it felt really good. My favorite part about this video is the incomparable Half Dome hanging over it all. So beautiful. I just kept sitting there going, "I'm here. I'm here. I'm here."

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July July July

July!!! I love July. It's my favorite month of the year. It's my birthday month. It's the summer. It has such a sense of freedom to it and Laize Faire. Independence day! "Blow some shit up day!" is what it should be called. I love swimming. I love a bbq, watermelon, hot hot days. It's the best.

We're leaving for Yosemite in 9 days. I'm so excited. Although, I'm too busy planning next year's vacation to focus on this year's at the moment. You have to book 1 year in advance for the best camp spots you know.

What else? We are trying to refinance our mortgage. We are trying to paint walls. We are trying not to get sick. I twisted my ankle. I'm working on a television pilot. Jasper got a tooth.

And oh my gosh the best news ever. Judd Apatow is going to make the Pee Wee movie. It's a match made in heaven. I am SO HAPPY.