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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Begining of the End

So here we are at about the middle of my Senior Year at EHS, just before the Christmas Break. Homecoming is well over and frankly, I’m starting to get bored. I was tired of everyone, tired of High School. I missed my Cheerleading/Heathers/party-time/girlfriends. They had all graduated the following year. I just wanted to get it over with and move back to California. I had applied to a few schools there and was waiting to see what fool school would accept me with a 2.7 GPA. Then this thing happened. Mag left. It was horrible and shocking. She was my only real friend in school and I didn’t realize it until she was gone. I couldn't talk to anyone but her and the reality of everything that had happened to me in the past four years really hit when she left. Everything having to do with school began to seem so ridiculous and trite. I started hating everyone.

Mag had a sort of break down. I don’t want to get into it here because this isn’t her blog, it’s mine. I’m sure if she wants to tell you about it, she will start her own blog. She should because she has a very gripping story there. Until then, I will try to only talk about how it effected me. She was gone for a while and I couldn’t talk to her or see her. It was very scary and difficult. Also, I couldn’t tell anyone where she was or why she was there. It was extremely isolating. Thank god she wasn't gone for long. She came back in the second half of the year. By then, I was no longer President.

I think this is a good time to introduce a very important character. I will call him Jason Priestly. I will call him Jason Priestly because he looked exactly like Jason Priestly and at the time, Beverly Hills 90210 was huge. We all watched it religiously. Jason Priestly had always gone to EHS but in our Senior Year he experienced a social awakening. He used to be a burner druggie, very scrawny and unnoticeable but towards the end of our Junior year he started running track and he became an instant star because of how fast he was. He was probably fast because of all the drugs he was taking. Drugs were really looked down upon at EHS, even by the students. No one who was cool or popular did drugs. Everyone drank like there was no tomorrow but if you so much as smoked a J, it was considered very seedy. That was back in 92. I've heard that nowadays at EHS, Crystal Meth is the new Coca Cola.

Jason Priestly was a druggie but this was overlooked by the cool and popular people of EHS. They overlooked it because A: he had become a jock-trackstar and B: he was hot. When I say that he was hot what I mean to say is that he was H O T. He waltzed into Senior Locker Bay on the first day of school and he was practically on fire. Our tongues were hanging out of our mouths because we were parched from looking at him. He may have looked like Jason Priestly but he acted like James Dean. He wore crisp, clean, tight t-shirts. His coiffed, combed hair rode up in a wave. He was a pretty boy in a land completely devoid of pretty boys. He had a swagger and a smile that said, “You know you want me.” He had confidence oozing out of every pore. Every single girl in the entire school wanted to bag this hot babe including me. He was such a different creature than the cowboy boot wearing, chew spitting, backwards baseball cap hicks we were accustomed to. He was so very 90210.

Along with a gaggle of others, I had been courting Jason Priestly since the beginning of the year. He put us all through the ringer with who he was going to ask to Homecoming. I was actually in the running for a while but was beat out at the last minute by Susie Mirsky who had also gone through her own over-the-summer social awakening that had everything to do with her smoking body. She showed up to Senior Year with the most amazing, huge tits anyone had ever seen in real life. She had an okay face but it didn’t matter. She was all boobs baby. Also, she had a really skinny waist and she wore these really cute-yet-trashy outfits. Her hair was huge. Every guy wanted to bang Susie Mirsky. When Jason finally asked Susie to go to Homecoming he told her that it was because she would look the best in the picture. She was flattered. He was the most conceded person I have ever met in my life but maybe that’s just sour grapes talking. He flirted with me all the time though. He flirted with everyone. He was so good at flirting. You could probably get pregnant just talking to this guy; stare into those baby blues for five minutes and BLAMO! You’re knocked up.

Ok. I’m sorry. I'm fogging up the windows. It think you get the picture. This dude was hot.

Also, he was the one who gave me the acid.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Hah! You can just hear the whistle blowing, the people screaming, and the wheels scraping metal-on-metal, as this train wreck heads down the line...

At 11:19 AM, Blogger la Ketch said...

it's true. the horror of it all is unfolding before our very eyes way before it hit our eyes. i use so much foreshadowing! i only hope it plays out as exciting as i keep promising it will...

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Eve said...

That is one wicked cliffhanger. I'm almost mad at you, it's so good.
Hot high school boys are the most dangerous drug of all...


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