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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

RIP Albert Hoffman

The famous bicycle ride has ended.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of LSD and have taken a lot of it, well back in college I did, not anymore. I'm a mom for godsake people. I wouldn't do it again.... i think. Yes, I think I've had enough. In a lot of ways I feel like tripping on acid is like looking at the answers in the back of the book. Sure, there are the answers right in front of you but how do you GET the answer? That's what's most important to be sure.

Still, my college acid trips did a great deal to help me find myself and got me asking some really great questions, some of which I've found answers for and most that I haven't. Mainly, who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop? and of course, who put the ram in the ram a lang a ding dong?


When I was in community college, before I started going to Western, I did a big paper and presentation on the discovery of LSD and what it does to your brain. I got an A. It helped that my teacher was a super liberal ex-hippie lesbian but I think the presentation was also very good. I did a ton of research and was able to speak pretty intelligently on the subject and field a HUGE barrage of questions from the students who came from all walks of life, being that it was community college. It wasn't just a bunch of 19 year old liberal kids in there and it turned into this great heated discussion which ended with this 40 year old dad republican guy asking me if I knew where he could get some, which was hilarious. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent patting myself on the back here but what I'm trying to say is that Albert Hoffman was a cool dude. (Do not get him mixed up with "Abbie Hoffman" the activist who also took a lot of LSD but wasn't the same person.)

I really do think it's a shame that LSD isn't legalised in a controlled way. I think that it could help a lot of people. It is an extremely dangerous drug though, very powerful. If you don't know what you're doing or if you're unstable at all and take too much you could permanently lose your mind for sure. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty! Still, it could help a lot of people. It definitely helped me.

Thanks Mr. Hoffman and rest in peace!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Guilty?

What does a cop have to do to be held accountable in this town? Shoot a white person?

Jesus Christ. This is so wrong.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

He Crawls, He STANDS!

Untitled from Deron Bos on Vimeo.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Quickie Blog

Well it's feeling more real now, the move to LA. Have I told you? Yes, I think you probably know by now that we're moving to LA this summer. The tentative move date is July 14th. We haven't bought our plane tickets yet but I gave notice at work. Every one in the office knows now. My last day at work will be June 27th. Every one has been very supportive, very enthusiastic.

So there's a lot to do but a lot is done.

It looks like we'll probably be able to stay with a friend when we land, renting out the bottom half of the house he rents in Laurel Canyon. This sounds fancy but it's not really fancy but it's a good deal. I hope it works out, fingers are crossed. We wouldn't have to sign a lease or pay a deposit and we can have Eliott there, which is all great. It would be good for us as a place to start while we're looking for jobs, a house.

We will have to buy two cars. TWO CARS. Neither of has owned a car in years. The prospect is daunting. We talk a lot about cars. We take walks in the neighborhood quite often and there are tons of cars parked on the streets always and so we're always just walking along going, "I like that one, what's that? Yeah I like the CRV but not that year. I like that RAV4. What about a Forrester? How come we haven't been thinking about the Forrester? You know what I'd really love is a Passat Station Wagon. What's the gas mileage? What's the resale Value? How easy is it to get those worked on?" Etc.

We hired a mover. We're going with Flat Rate. I won't bore you with that.

We hired a pet transport company to move Eliott. I won't bore you with that either. I could write a very long post about it but I won't. It's all I'm talking about these days, pet transport. I did a lot of research ok! If you are curious about Pet Transport you can ask me and I'll fill you in on what I've found.

We're going to have a garage sale, yay! I love garage sales. You should come. I think I'll also sell Lemonade and cookies. I will tell you when it is. Probably the beginning of June.

What else is going on. Well, Davey is crawling and he is pulling himself up to standing and he is sleeping really well and he is so fucking cute I can't stand it. I bought these foam tiles on craig' s list that make like a big foam mat, for the backyard, which is mostly concrete. So i'm going to put those out there so he can crawl around on it and also we have a blow up pool and this canopy I'm going to set up. I have a fantasy of him back there in his little pool under his little canopy. It seems fun. I hope this can happen in the window where it is warm enough to be out side in a pool but before the mosquitoes get too bad.

Have a good weekend!