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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One month old

He's clocking in at 10lbs! It's speeding by already. Now we're on watch for a smile from the little dude, could be any day now. Life with baby is good, not without challenges, some days easier than others, each day figuring it out a little more. I tried to start pumping some milk today so that we can start him on a bottle this week. Hopefully he won't reject it like he has the pacifier.

FW and Bog Face's Wedding is this weekend. I'm so excited for everyone to meet Davey. I hope he doesn't get overstimulated and I hope he doesn't poop on his cute outfit right out of the gate because I don't really have a back up.

We went to visit Dup's parents in Virginia last wknd. Davey did awesome, especially on the train. He didn't like being strapped into the car seat in the car though. Who can blame him. It was really hot and humid there. Dup's mom is doing ok. We need her to get her strength back so that she can be ready for surgery so keep the prayers coming please. Right now she's pretty tired but we think it's due to some medication and that she will get her energy back soon now that they've switched it. It was great to see Dup's parents and for them to get to meet Davey finally. They both felt that he was the cutest baby in the world.

In sad news, we left our digital camera and our video camera on the train and no one has turned it in. It's a major bummer because Davey's birth was on there, his first bath, etc. and there were some great shots of him and Dup's parents. It's upsetting but we have to let it go and let the memories exist in our minds. I still have hope that someone would at least turn in the tape from the video camera. We'll see.

ok, better go get some shit done while the little gremlin is sleeping.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Dup!

Yes it's Dup's B-day today. He's 33! You should check out his great post about how he handled his first solo baby meltdown over here.

What would I do without Dup? Let's not even think on it. I love that guy like there's no tomorrow but I'm glad there is a tomorrow so that we can hang out in it.

This is week two for me in mommy land. I had one really hard day last week but I'm starting to get the hang of it - when to get things done and when to just hang with the little guy and chill. It is, like so many things - all about time management. My new rule is that I need to get only four things done each day (besides taking care of the baby of course). Those things are: Eat, take a shower, make the bed, do the dishes. And I need to do them in that order. After all of these things are done then I can use the computer. After that, if I find extra time while he's sleeping then I can either A. take a nap or B. do an additional household chore. This system is working pretty well.

Because of the heat and Davey's sensitive skin, I haven't been going out at all. I usually take the dog for a walk or run an errand when Dup gets home, just so that I can leave. Today is unseasonably cool though and I'm going to go out with him on a short errand. Luckily there are all sorts of shops very close to us.

The main challenge in being home with the baby by myself has not been the actual baby. It's been our first born - Eliott the Beagle. Eliott the Beagle has an uncanny ability to sense just right when the baby is about to fall asleep and then he howls his fucking head off. I have almost killed him many times. The timing of his howling is not intentional. It's coincidence but all the same, it's been rough. We met with a dog trainer and she's shown us some stuff to do. Also she suggested that we put him on ant-anxiety medication. So we took him to the vet and now he's on Prozac. We can also give him Zanex if he's going up against a particularly stressful situation like a thunder storm or a visitor.

Can you believe it? I suggested to Dup that I take the Zanex and then maybe the howling won't bother me. Ultimately though, I think it's a good idea. He's suffered major trauma before we rescued him and he spends %50 of his existence totally stressed out and upset. If this can take the edge off of that for him and help him be more receptive to the positive training techniques, then I'm all for it. I hope it helps.

Ok, Davey is making noises, better go check him out. I gave him a bath this morning and since it was a little chillier than it had been I put some little booties on him and a cap and wrapped him in the snuggliest blanket ever. It's a miracle I didn't eat him because he smells like heaven on earth.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Three Weeks...

Hey there time. Can you give a lady a break?

Monday, August 13, 2007


is my first day home alone with Davey.

I have Eliott too which makes it easier on some levels and much much harder on others. More on that transition later.

My mom left on Sunday and Dup and I both looked at each other like - oh SHIT. She's leaving us alone with this dude??? It's pretty scary and oh so real.

I don't have much time because he's asleep in his swing and I have to get some stuff done while that's happening. We had our first super fussy night last night and I feel pretty tired too so I might try and take a nap. They say to "sleep when the baby sleeps". So when do you do the dishes?

I honestly have no fucking idea how the millions of single mothers out there are doing it. NO IDEA. My sister has two and works full time and I am just in awe of it. What the fuck sister? HOW NO GO CRAZY YOU???

ok. wish me luck people. I think that even though he is so little and so adorable and I want to freeze him like this forever, I will feel a little better once Davey is a little less fragile. Like if he did accidentally fall off the bed it would just bruise him really bad but not kill him.

Oh god. He's so cute.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

more photos can be found here.

two weeks old

and it seems like just yesterday he was only 13 days . Davey thinks it's hilarious!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sooo, what have you been up to lately?

You know, just hanging out and stuff.

Oh, and I had a BABY.

I'm so sorry that I haven't written. It's just that I couldn't sit for a while due to the stitches in my ass from pushing my baby out of my vagina. I know it seems strange to have stitches in one's ass after pushing a baby out of one's vagina but I have learned through this experience that sometimes, the ass and the vagina are the same.

So I had a baby. The labor was long. Contractions started at 11:30am on Thursday July, 26th (Sak's Oracle = way off) and I had him at 10:05pm on Friday, July 27th.

Speaking of him:

David Muir Ketchum Bos

Oh yes, I am in love. More than a little smitten. This dude is it. Many people have tried to explain it and I guess you just can't really know it until it happens but there's a fullness unlike any other. It's to the brim. The very tip. *sigh*

Labor was the hardest thing I've ever done. EVER. I was so prepared for it on every level except for one. That would be the pain level. I just had nothing to compare it to at all. I've never broken anything, never had a tooth ache. I'm sure I could have endured it for a while but it just went on so long and I hadn't slept or eaten in so long...

So short story is that I labored naturally for a long time, got stuck dilated at 9 cm ( you need to get to 10) and I finally went upstairs to the hospital to get an epidural and petocin to increase the contractions. I got to a 10 and pushed the baby out with the help of suction. I had to get an episiotomy (look it up if you don't know) and a bunch of stitches which is why I couldn't sit for a while but now I can sit.

It was a very different birth than what I had imagined but it's also a common story for a first timer. I have absolutely no regrets and as soon as he came into the world it was truly washed away with his awesomeness. Well, I'll never forget it but it was a million times worth it and I'd do it again tomorrow (note to God - please don't make me do it again tomorrow).

So he's here! And he's very healthy and we are over the moon. I'm in heaven just hanging out with him every day. My mom has been here helping us and it's been so great. The whole thing has given me such a strong feeling for my mom. Now I can begin to see what she went through for me and how she's felt about me all along. And Dup was so amazing through the whole thing and I'm madly in love with him all over again. I can't believe we have this little dude now. It's unreal and so magic. He is going to be the best dad ever.

Certainlia wrote a really beautiful entry on her blog about meeting Davey and about how all of our friends were rallying in the blogosphere when I was in labor courtesy of my adorable sister's updates on the Galivanting Monkey's Blog. I can't tell you how much it meant to me that everyone was rooting for me and I'm getting a bit teary now recounting it. I asked for God's help a lot when it was happening. I kept saying things like, "I can't do this by myself" and "This is too big for me." and "God please help me." When I look back on how it all went down, I can see so clearly now how I was helped, how guardian angels were popping in and out all over the place, making things happen. I have no doubt that it was the collective energy of my friends and my family rooting me on that made this possible. So I just want to thank you. I can never thank you enough for that.

Ok, i have to go and see him now! More baby news to come and photos for days...

All my love,
mama laKetch