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Thursday, September 22, 2011

As you can see

From the photo that I posted below, Deron and I both got really drunk at Willis and Lia's wedding. I've posted a photo from the beginning of the evening above.

I started that post I guess the last week in August and wasn't able to finish it. So I just posted it now, whatever.

Davey is doing great in school. He really loves it. Man we lucked out finding this school! We have our friend Lolly Ward to thank for it. She's one of those moms who researches every school option known to man and we rode right on her coat tails, never would have even known about it unless she had found it first. Thanks Lolly. The teachers are just so great. That perfect balance between nurture and discipline and it's just so small and cute and the other kids are great. Davey really loves it. His new thing is that he wants to do home work. At the orientation they told us that they would be assigning homework, nothing too hard just like, "draw a circle on a piece of paper." To get them in the habit of doing homework and having to listen to instruction and follow through. They haven't assigned any yet though and Davey is dying to do some home work so the night before last I was like, "Ok, you want homework? I'll give you homework." And I created a little mock assignment for him where he had to trace his name. Then last night he was sat on the couch next to me with a big fake *SIGH* and said, "I got a lotta homework tonight." So I gave him a new assignment tracing shapes and then he wanted more so I gave him the scissors and asked him to cut the shapes out. He cut the paper to smithereens and then said, "I'm done! Can I play Dragonslayer?" It's like he's already a teenager.

Jasper is on fire these days. He's turning two in three weeks and he's very terrible and very adorable all at the same time. He is trying so hard to talk and gets very, very frustrated when he can't be understood. He also wants to do absolutely everything himself and gets very very frustrated if you do something for him. This could be putting the lid on top of his juice or putting his shoe on or pulling his pants up or picking something up off the floor. If you do something like this for him, he screams. He screams and he cries and he throws himself down on the floor and he says, "ME!" When I talk to Davey about doing anything, getting a snack, going outside, going to the dentist, to school, to the potty, Jasper overhears and says, "AND ME!" He wants to do everything that Davey does and more. He wants Davey's clothes, to sit in Davey's chair, to drink Davey's drink, to eat Davey's food. I'm very hyper aware of Jasper's individuality because my sister grew up in my shadow and I don't want Jasper to get lost the way she sometimes did. I also have to just accept that this is a part of it and try not to over compensate. I think I'm definitely easier on Jasper than I was on Davey. With Davey I was more strict and always worried about boundaries and was he sharing and was he understanding that my word was final. With Jasper I do a lot more chalking it up to his age, "he's two." What are you going to do? He's two. He's really starting to talk a lot too. God I love the talking. Such a relief.

Deron has a second interview for a job today. I don't want to say much about it for fear of jinxing it but please say a prayer for him. It would be very good.

I bombed my Groundlings class and it's taken me a while to process why and how this happened but I bombed it. I've been trying to figure out what I should do now. Just forget it? Go to a different school? I think I've come to the conclusion that I need to go back to the same school and the same teacher and do it again and this time, keep my heart open and pass it. Probably after the new year.

We are going to Disneyland for Jasper's b-day, very exciting. We love it there. Can't wait.


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Sorry, I didn't read much, but I like your pictures.
I've no idea how I got to these page though, as I was looking for a page about orchids.


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