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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And He Turned Two!

My little Jasper turned two. Oh gosh he makes my heart hurt to look at him I love him so much. He's just so little and cute and talking, talking, talking a bunch. He likes to wear his Peter Pan costume every day and to bed. He wears the belt and the hat and the boots to bed. When he wakes up in the morning he calls for me and I go in to him and he says, "my hat!" And he grabs his hat and puts it back on. "Are you ready now?" I say and he says, "Yeah, ready mom." He likes to watch Peter Pan the movie every day. Davey used to do this too. He used to wear the costume, he used to watch the movie. I have seen this movie so many times now... all I can say is thank god it's a good movie. The part that does bother me is the horribly racist "Red Man" song about the origin of Native American stereo types. If I were a better person I would find a way to remove that scene before letting them watch it. I am a lazy person.

Deron got a new job. He's working at the Apple store. He has been wanting to work there for some time. He fought hard to get this job and we are all extremely proud of him. It's thrown us into quite the routine. He's working when I'm not working and vice versa. He worked 7 days in a row last week. He's tired. I'm tired. BUT it's a very good thing. We hope that this could be a career path for him. Right now he's just learning the ropes, keeping his head down, doing the work, showing up on time. Hopefully in the next couple of years he'll start to see a pathway up from the retail floor. We'll see! He really likes the store and the people and the work itself. Yay!

Davey broke his collar bone. He fell off a swing at the play ground in front of his school. He's wearing a little sling for 2 weeks before he is free to play again. He just has one more day of wearing it now. Apparently this is a very common injury for preschool aged children. Poor Davey. He has been very brave. He's tired of the sling though. I took it off of him the other night before bed and he stretched out his arm and said, 'ahhhhh FREEDOM!"

It's hard to believe that 2011 is coming to a close and that in a few months I will be going down to the elementary school to enroll Davey in kindergarten. He's doing great at his new pre-school, which is Spanish Immersion. He loves his maestras and his amigos and it's just the most wonderful little jewel of a program, regardless of Spanish element. We're hoping we can get him into one of the Spanish tracks in Culver City. It's a lottery system so we'll have to wait and see. Cross your fingers for us.


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