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Friday, August 14, 2009

Now if that's not the spitting image of Dup....

I don't know what is. Look at that profile? This child is going to look just like his daddy I swear.

So I'm 31 weeks tomorrow but I found out that he's measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule so there is a chance that we'll go early, hopefully naturally but possible by being induced. I would prefer that we don't have to get induced but I would also prefer not to give birth to a giant baby. I'm trying to keep my head up, remain positive, keep my sunny side of the street perspective on but I have to admit it's becoming more difficult. I'm like a mamma cat. I just want to crawl under the house and wait. I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything and any time something is asked of me it just seems huge. I have to intellectualize everything because if I stuck with my emotions I would be a complete wreck.

I am getting very very excited though. Truly! It just seems far and it's not. It's very close. 9 weeks. Maybe less. That's not a long time. Right?

I need to go through all of his clothes this weekend. That will help. Get that set up. We have everything ready to go, room painted, it just needs to be set up and put in order. I've gotten just about everything for free except our double stroller, which I bought today with the help of my mom and a friend at work who insisted on chipping in. It's a fantastic stroller and I can't wait to ride in it.

Everything else was either given to us or lent to us by someone. I'm talking Bassinet, Portable Crib, Full Sized Crib, dresser w/Changing table, Infant Car Seat, Swing, Excersaucer, Jumparoo and about 4 sacks of really great baby boy clothes, like garbage sacks full. CRAZY!! Very lucky. Very fortunate. Thanks to every one who donated your gently used items to our very worthy cause. This poor child will not know a new thing in his entire life.

I did buy a used baby sling off craigslist and now, the stroller new but compared to the craziness of stuff we got for Davey, it's been a very frugal affair.

Oh and yesterday I bought some bottles. So really the only thing left to buy is new born diapers. Crazy Town. We're ready.

I do have to make the curtains for his room. Did I show you the fabric? We're definitely going with Cowboy theme and here's what the curtains are going to be: CURTAIN FABRIC LINK

Isn't that A-dorable? Yes, boys stuff can be cute. Not as cute but still cute.

9 weeks. Lord give me strength!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

what's been going on?

So much has happened. Davey turned 2 years old on July 27th. We went up to my mom's house to celebrate. He got a balance bike w/helmet, a Curious George Back pack with matching lunch box, a Buzz Doll and a Woody Doll from Toy Story (he's partial to Buzz, go figure). He got a monkey b-day cake, which he loved. We took him to this little water park by my mom's and had a nice day. They have a huge toddler area with lots of little pint size slides. Davey's cousins played with him all day and he had a blast. Now he's 2! If you ask Davey how old he is he will immediately respond, "two!" But if you don't want your vision of him as a genius to be shattered then don't ask him what his name is right after that because it gets the same response, "two!" He loves to do this because it gets a laugh every time. He's starting to figure out how to make us laugh and the power that goes along with that, which I love of course. Any time he does something intentionally funny, that's definitely when I'm the most proud. That is, if it's actually funny. If he tries to be funny and no one laughs, I spank him and lock him in his room.

Another really fun thing was that our Thursday playgroup threw Davey a little impromptu b-day party complete with presents and cupcakes. It was so cute. All of the kids were so sweet to him. Then in a crazy twist of fate, right in the middle of our little gathering the Fire Department showed up to do a drill in our complex. They were training a new fire fighter. So all of the kids swarmed around the truck and the Sergeant was so cool. He talked to them, explained what they were doing and why, let them touch the truck and then he told them to stand back and where they could sit to watch. Then the fire fighters did this whole mock fire in front of us, in full gear, running with the hoses and everything. The kids just sat there positively stunned, eyes big as pizzas. What is it with little kids and fireman? They LOVE THEM. One of the older little girls, like 7 said, "Oh my gosh, I can barely breathe!" It was so hilarious. So what an awesome addition to Davey's little play date b-day party. So fun.

What else, we got a new couch. We can't afford it but we did it anyway. We had to get it. Our old one was really a luv seat and we couldn't all sit on it together and it was just horrible. I cashed out part of a 401k I have sitting at an old job and just bought it. I told Dup, "I'm just buying this couch we have to." and he just said, "fine." You know it's bad when Dup agrees to something like cashing out a 401k. The new couch is awesome. It was cheap but it's new and it looks great in the space, fits great and most importantly fits us. We are so happy.

What else? I'm fucking pregnant as hell people. When people ask me when my due date is now, instead of saying, "October Seventeenth", I say, "10 weeks and one day." Tomorrow I can say 10 weeks and on Saturday I will be 30 weeks, so I can say "nine weeks and six days." Once I get down into the single digits, I think that will help. It will seem manageable. October? I can't even say the word. It's just too far away... BUT, it will be here. Yes it will come. Time always moves forward. The moment always arrives. I'm very excited, very, very excited to meet this little dude living in my belly and kicking the crap out of me 10 minutes out of every hour. Last night was comical he was kicking me so hard. I think he wants out. I keep telling him that if he wants to come a couple of weeks early, that's fine by me. I could go for a nice little 6-7 pounder this time! Thank you very much. But stay in there a little while longer, at least 6 more weeks and then, whenever you're ready!