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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smiling at the Beach

We're in California. My cousin's identical twins were born! Roy Capbell 6.9lbs and Jeffrey Louis 4.9 lbs. The smaller is in the NICU because of blood sugar issues but he's doing well. I have no time to write so here is a photo of their GIGANTIC 13 lb cousin in his first ever smiling photo. We've been seeing lots of smiles just not able to capture them on film before. He will be 9 weeks tomorrow. Holy shit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

perfect day

deron had his last day of work yesterday and so now he and i are in our overlap time where i'm still on maternity leave and he's not working. i've been looking forward to this time the most. i knew the weather would be good and we'd just take walks and hang out as a family and i was right! i had a dr. appt today and so dup and davey and i took the subway to the doctor and after we went to whole foods for lunch and then walked around central park for a few hours. it was divine. i love these guys!!!

the very sad news is that dup's mom passed away two weeks ago. we've been in virgina helping his dad and dealing with everything. dup is doing really well considering what has happened. we've been talking a lot about it. what's really good is that he and and his dad have been talking more than ever. it's definitely brought them closer. the funeral was really beautiful. dup gave a speech that was so funny and touching and from the heart. luckily, dup's mom got to meet davey and i know that she will always watch over him from heaven. we will miss you sharon. we love you very much.

the very happy news is that fw and bog face got married and it was AWESOME. they are two dynamos, that's for sure. what would happen if they had a baby? the messiest, best looking genius ever i suppose.

sorry for all lowercase. i'm on borrowed time these days.

Monday, September 10, 2007