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Monday, July 31, 2006

Tired, so tired...

I can only stay for a moment. Work is crazy busy but I'm stealing a moment to say something here so that you won't take me off your blog roll. So that you won't forget about me!

We are moved into the new place completely now. We moved in two parts because we couldn't get out of our lease until the end of July but we had to move in on the 15th of July so we subletted our old apt. for 2 weeks. We had to leave some furniture in the old apt for the subletter, so we moved the rest of that stuff this weekend with the help of an awesome mover from craigslist named "Valentine". He is from Trinidad and he kept saying things like, "Thanks for the exercise!" He was not tired.

We cleaned the crap out of our old place and we got our full deposit back. Every time I leave an apt., I clean the crap out of it and every time I move into a new place, it's a filthy fucking mess. One day this cleaning Karma will pay off for me, I'm sure. Well, the deposit, we got that back, so I guess it's payoff enough.

The new place is in complete chaos again. We had only just begun to get it organized and now a new wave of crap has entered the space. It's unnerving and dup and I are both so tired because also, it's really hot out.

Poor Finn has excema. Monkey, he could be allergic to wheat! Dup has excema, and we're not entirely sure what causes it. It's a horrible affliction, esp. when it gets on his handsome face. Once, when it got really bad and in a very dramatic moment, I took down all of the mirrors in the house, so that he wouldn't have to look at himself.

We think it is probably caused by a combination of things: allergic to certain foods, Stress & Weather changes mainly. These three things seem to feed off of eachother. It's a vicious cycle!

When it was really bad, we were consulting all sorts of people and schools of thought on the subject and one of the books we were reading was "The Yeast Connection Cookbook", which is the cookbook that accompanies, "The Yeast Connection" and "Tired, So Tired! The Yeast Connection." The last one, even though we've never read it, is our favorite. The whole philosophy behind these books is that some people are allergic to yeast, usually people who have taken a lot of antibiotics in their lives. I think there is some truth to the whole thing and some of the recipes have been helpful. Dup is not entirely convinced that he has a wheat or yeast allergy but I definitely notice a huge difference in his skin and his energy level when he's cutting back on it. ANYHOO.... it's become an inside joke to us because the title of the book is so stupid. Whenever one of us is really tired we'll be like, "Tired, so tired!"

I thought this story might be funny in some way...

Oh so tired indeed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lu Lu Eightball by Emily Flake

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all apologies

I've been in my own personal K-HOLE. Moving is difficult. We all know this but I'm experiencing it so cut me some slack. It's so great to be in the new place but overwhelming because all I want to do is landscape the backyard and our dishes and clothing aren't even unpacked yet. I keep getting ideas about posts but I just haven't had time because I'm slammed at work and we have no internet access at our new place yet. It will be another two weeks before they can come hook it up. crazy.

In the meantime, I'll have to post a lu lu comic and hope you don't forget me. Also, please check out the newest link on my blogroll. This is my dear friend fou fou or kathy or "my life as Kathy". She's started a blog and she's got some good stories over there. Click on the link and enjoy.

AND, if you haven't heard, there's great news over at Kerouac Says! There's hope for MANkind afterall.

la Ketch

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

only a day away...

More EVIDNECE to support my THEORY.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

plumb puddin

We got the apartment. So it just goes to show, what putting it out there will do. It's not EXACTLY what I typed in that entry. It's a bit more expensive. It's not as close to the park as we would have liked but other than that, it's pretty much spot on. It's more money than we should spend but as my boss told me, "each time you take a step with real estate, it should hurt a little."

Well easy for him to say considering he just bought a mansion in the Hamptons with a Pool House. Yes, there's a pool too. The pool has it's own house.

Anyway, our new place is awesome and we move in on the 15th and if you live in New York then you will be invited to a BBQ soon. IN OUR FREAKING BACK YARD, which has the most adorable little plumb tree.

I always wanted a fruit tree in my back yard. I didn't put that in my post to the Universe but I held it in my heart and I guess the Universe knew.

Guardian Angel: "It's a bit expensive sir."

God: "Ah, throw in a plumb tree and call it even."

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again.
Fail better.