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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One month old

He's clocking in at 10lbs! It's speeding by already. Now we're on watch for a smile from the little dude, could be any day now. Life with baby is good, not without challenges, some days easier than others, each day figuring it out a little more. I tried to start pumping some milk today so that we can start him on a bottle this week. Hopefully he won't reject it like he has the pacifier.

FW and Bog Face's Wedding is this weekend. I'm so excited for everyone to meet Davey. I hope he doesn't get overstimulated and I hope he doesn't poop on his cute outfit right out of the gate because I don't really have a back up.

We went to visit Dup's parents in Virginia last wknd. Davey did awesome, especially on the train. He didn't like being strapped into the car seat in the car though. Who can blame him. It was really hot and humid there. Dup's mom is doing ok. We need her to get her strength back so that she can be ready for surgery so keep the prayers coming please. Right now she's pretty tired but we think it's due to some medication and that she will get her energy back soon now that they've switched it. It was great to see Dup's parents and for them to get to meet Davey finally. They both felt that he was the cutest baby in the world.

In sad news, we left our digital camera and our video camera on the train and no one has turned it in. It's a major bummer because Davey's birth was on there, his first bath, etc. and there were some great shots of him and Dup's parents. It's upsetting but we have to let it go and let the memories exist in our minds. I still have hope that someone would at least turn in the tape from the video camera. We'll see.

ok, better go get some shit done while the little gremlin is sleeping.


At 3:53 PM, Blogger kww said...

What a sweet baby! Have fun this weekend!

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Meg said...

I think we should do a reenactment of the birth and first bath. We could even get actors to play the parts.

By the way I have a little video of his first washcloth bath.


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