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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

plumb puddin

We got the apartment. So it just goes to show, what putting it out there will do. It's not EXACTLY what I typed in that entry. It's a bit more expensive. It's not as close to the park as we would have liked but other than that, it's pretty much spot on. It's more money than we should spend but as my boss told me, "each time you take a step with real estate, it should hurt a little."

Well easy for him to say considering he just bought a mansion in the Hamptons with a Pool House. Yes, there's a pool too. The pool has it's own house.

Anyway, our new place is awesome and we move in on the 15th and if you live in New York then you will be invited to a BBQ soon. IN OUR FREAKING BACK YARD, which has the most adorable little plumb tree.

I always wanted a fruit tree in my back yard. I didn't put that in my post to the Universe but I held it in my heart and I guess the Universe knew.

Guardian Angel: "It's a bit expensive sir."

God: "Ah, throw in a plumb tree and call it even."


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

Hi! You've inspired me to do the same...I too am putting out my house requests for the universe to know, most importantly, God!

I found you on Eve's blog..I've been your blog stalker for weeks!


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