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Friday, August 14, 2009

Now if that's not the spitting image of Dup....

I don't know what is. Look at that profile? This child is going to look just like his daddy I swear.

So I'm 31 weeks tomorrow but I found out that he's measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule so there is a chance that we'll go early, hopefully naturally but possible by being induced. I would prefer that we don't have to get induced but I would also prefer not to give birth to a giant baby. I'm trying to keep my head up, remain positive, keep my sunny side of the street perspective on but I have to admit it's becoming more difficult. I'm like a mamma cat. I just want to crawl under the house and wait. I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything and any time something is asked of me it just seems huge. I have to intellectualize everything because if I stuck with my emotions I would be a complete wreck.

I am getting very very excited though. Truly! It just seems far and it's not. It's very close. 9 weeks. Maybe less. That's not a long time. Right?

I need to go through all of his clothes this weekend. That will help. Get that set up. We have everything ready to go, room painted, it just needs to be set up and put in order. I've gotten just about everything for free except our double stroller, which I bought today with the help of my mom and a friend at work who insisted on chipping in. It's a fantastic stroller and I can't wait to ride in it.

Everything else was either given to us or lent to us by someone. I'm talking Bassinet, Portable Crib, Full Sized Crib, dresser w/Changing table, Infant Car Seat, Swing, Excersaucer, Jumparoo and about 4 sacks of really great baby boy clothes, like garbage sacks full. CRAZY!! Very lucky. Very fortunate. Thanks to every one who donated your gently used items to our very worthy cause. This poor child will not know a new thing in his entire life.

I did buy a used baby sling off craigslist and now, the stroller new but compared to the craziness of stuff we got for Davey, it's been a very frugal affair.

Oh and yesterday I bought some bottles. So really the only thing left to buy is new born diapers. Crazy Town. We're ready.

I do have to make the curtains for his room. Did I show you the fabric? We're definitely going with Cowboy theme and here's what the curtains are going to be: CURTAIN FABRIC LINK

Isn't that A-dorable? Yes, boys stuff can be cute. Not as cute but still cute.

9 weeks. Lord give me strength!


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