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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

if you have a baby with a stuffy nose...

then you should get this.

it really works. the bulb syringe can suck it. i mean. no it can't. it doesn't suck it at all. it just sucks. it sucks because it doesn't suck.

before i had a baby with a cold, i always secretly judged mothers who allowed their kids to walk around with a runny nose. i wasn't hard on them or anything. i realised it must be tough to keep that runny nose wiped but i secretly vowed that i would never let my child walk around with snot on his lip. NO WAY.

people, it's like shoveling in a snow storm. you can't be constantly wiping it. it's just impossible. also, he HATES it. he SCREAMS every time i wipe it.

Davey has had a cold for three weeks now. THREE WEEKS. It's definitely getting better. There was a relapse but it's getting better. The cough is almost gone. No more coughing fits in the middle of the night. We've taken him to the doctor twice. It's just a cold. Poor little D. His spirits are high though. His energy is back. He's not really sick anymore, just the runny nose. I'm trying to cut out dairy from my diet to see if that will help him get rid of this congestion.

In fantastic news, we've had amazing success with the sleep training again. We started back to it this weekend. I only got up with him once last night. He's falling asleep on his own now. I'll write another post later to explain. Dup and I are so relieved. So, so, so relieved. We're not out of the forest yet but there's a light, a bright light.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger momster said...

In a gross and twisted way, I was always relieved to see the snot coming out because at least that meant it wasn't stuffing up their noses and making it so they couldn't breathe. There is nothing more fussy than a kid who can't suck their thumb or their paci because of a stuffed up nose. In those cases I was thankful for those saline nose drops 'Little Noses'. I am glad he is on the upswing.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Meg said...

It is obvious he just needed a visit from his Grammy!


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