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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

craig's list post of the day

Free LARGE Cactus!
Reply to:!Date: 2008-01-29, 11:32AM ESTI have a large 15+ year old cactus free for a good home. It is roughly six feet high with a (roughly) four foot span. You will need to wrap it in a packing blanket or two in order to transport it. I recommend that you have a car or be very close, and also have help. It includes a larger pot to replant it in and some sand as well. It is currently leaning on the walls and the refrigerator you see below. So, you will want to have space for it to brace against something, if you aren't going to cut it back a bit. We've taken care of this lovely cactus for 11 years, but need to reclaim the space now. We are available at different times throughout the day today, and the evening tomorrow.


At 12:34 AM, Blogger Meg said...

it looks like a turtle

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Tina Rowley said...

That's hilarious. Who will get it? Will someone do it?

Honey, there's an enormous, free, pain-in-the-ass-cactus on Craig's List that's been fucking up these people's apartment. It's really freaky-looking and they're implying that it's going to be like getting fucked in the ass with a cactus to get it home. Should we do it?

At 10:11 AM, Blogger la Ketch said...

i know. it's so fucking hilarious that i felt i didn't even need to comment. i'm glad you got it though. i mean wtf? bring a car and some blankets. the thing looks like it's going to come alive and kill someone...

At 12:46 PM, Blogger bladio said...

it's the creepiest cactus ever!


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