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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hogging the Bed II (nights 4, 5 & 6)

It's still rough going. I'm going to stop giving the play by play because I think you understand the technique here. Still laying him down the the pacifier, he takes it out, rolls over and cries and gets upset, pick him up and lay him back down with the pacifier, "it's time for sleep", until he finally finds it.... sleep.

Friday was a tough night because I decided to try and not feed him at all. Consistently he's been able make it to about 3am and then he wakes up and can't go back to sleep. On Friday I worked with him from 3:00am - 4:30am and I finally fed him at 4:30am. He was starving. He took huge gulps and then crashed. I just let him fall asleep on my boob and lay him down. I felt so bad for starving him.

Saturday was wonky. He took a good nap in the morning but because we were baby sitting for our friend's baby who is 10 months, the afternoon was difficult. Our friend's baby was tired too and when Dup tried to get Davey down, he started crying with Davey. So I was trying to get him down in the front room while Dup was working with Davey in the bedroom. One would fall asleep and the other would wake them up. It was so frustrating. Of course, I took all my frustration out on Dup again and we fought. I had to grovel for an hour for being so mean to him but he forgave me and we ended up having a nice time with the kids. We just gave up on getting either of them down and tried to distract them which worked but they were both delirious. Davey crashed when it was time for bed, then woke up 15 min later. I got him back down immediately and he slept until 3:00 am again. Just like Friday night I worked with him until 4:30am and then decided to fed him. He fell asleep after until 7:45am.

On Sunday He took 2 naps that were 1 1/2 hours each. This was fantastic. It was tough getting him down but not too bad, took like 30 min each time but totally worth it. It's amazing what a happy baby he is when he's well rested. It makes SUCH a huge difference. Dup and I talked about this and how we both want to keep going with the training because it's really helping him out. Eventually it will help us too! But right now....

So last night he went down pretty easily, took about 20 min. He woke up around 10pm and again at around midnight and I put him back to sleep easily in about one minute just by giving him his paci and rubbing his back. Then right on schedule at 3am he woke up hungry and couldn't get back to sleep. I told myself that I was going to work with him until 5am if I needed to and that if he still hadn't gone back to sleep, I would feed him then. He went back to sleep at 4:20am and slept until 6:20am. So, YAY he got through the night without eating at all. I'm praying that tomorrow will be easier. I think it will.

I don't know how many people are still reading out there (thanks for your comment Lia, very sweet). I do think I'm going to keep recording this here though. It's interesting to me, how it's all panning out and I'm hoping it will be helpful to other parents. I still think we have at least another 2 weeks before he's sleeping through the night but I think he can and will do it.

I talked to my friend Jesse about he sleep training experience and she said, "the whole 3 night thing is total bullshit." And I was like, "TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT." I have heard from some people we know that they've done it in 3 nights but they were doing the straight Furber (cry it out alone method). I'm still really glad we're not going that route. Davey was just so far from being able to put himself to sleep one week ago that I'm certain it would have been a major failure. I think if we were to try it now he could probably do it. I think we want to keep doing it the way we're doing it now though.

So far the steps we've taken are no more bouncing him on the yoga ball, no more taking him in bed with us, and for the first time last night no nursing. Now that he's made it through without nursing, the next step will be to put up the side of the crib and push it a bit away from the bed. I'd like to get there before he starts crawling, which will be any minute now!! It's so cute. He's pushing himself up on to all fours now and catapulting himself forward, landing face first. Not hard but It can't feel good. He just shakes it off and keeps going. He is determined to move forward, usually so that he can pet the dog. He's really into the dog now. I wish Eliott could say the same for him.


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