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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

out of the woods

I had my 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and all went well. Tiny baby was moving all around and everything looks great. It's definitely a boy. So we can move forward with the cowboy themed nursery although Dup is now voting for surfer theme. I'll keep you posted on the final outcome of this important topic.

We were supposed to do some painting last weekend but things got pushed back due to very unfortunate circumstances. Deron's dear grandmother was killed in a car accident last week and we flew out to Michigan to attend her funeral. We're really glad we went but it was a really hard trip on all of us, Dup especially. Dup said some words at the ceremony which were apparently very wonderful and moving, I wasn't able to hear them because Davey started shouting, "Da da! Da da!" over and over again when he got up there and I had to take him out. It's a lot to ask of a toddler to sit in a car and then and airplane and then a car and then sleep in a strange place and then sit through a funeral and then get up and do it backwards the next day. So it was really hard on Davey too but he was a champ about it. I was basically cranky the entire time but supportive nonetheless and tried not to complain. Dup had to work while we were there too which meant doing telemarketing calls in the bathroom of the hotel room with the ironing board as a desk while Davey and I slept. What a trooper.

Dup was close to his Grandma. She was a very strong woman and she adored him. She was 91 years old but really healthy and of sound mind. It's a total shame she had to go the way she did. You would think that your prize for living that long would be to die in your sleep. I was really hoping we could get out to see her this coming Thanksgiving so that she could meet the new baby and see Davey. The one thing that I like to think about is that she's with the new baby now in heaven and she'll make sure that he makes his journey to earth safely before she moves on to where she's going. That's what I like to imagine.

It's been a hard couple of years for the Bos family, first losing Dup's mom and now his grandmother. I told his cousins, "we need to stop meeting at funerals."

I will post a photo of the tiny baby's profile later. He looks just like Dup. Also his feet = Dup's feet. This baby is going to be all Bos, I'm certain of it.


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