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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

go Adam

My boss is out today for an event I helped organize in Chicago. It's starting now. Well supposed to start two minutes ago but I'm sure they haven't started yet. So I'm just sitting at my desk waiting for enough time to pass before I can go down and get some breakfast. Today I get a free breakfast. We get free lunch here every day, awesome money saving perk, but you can use your lunch money for breakfast if you want and when one of my colleagues who travels a lot is not in the office he lets me use his lunch money to buy breakfast. Today I'm getting a breakfast burrito and a banana. Delicious.

I just felt the baby move a little. He must have grown a millimeter in the last 3 days because I'm definitely feeling him more consistently. YAY YAY YAY. It's such a relief every time I feel him move. I still have to wait 12 more days before I get to see him again in person. I'm going in on June 1st for my 20 week anatomy scan. I'm definitely feeling more positive though and I even bought him a cute little poster to go in his room. It felt good to buy him something, like I was pulling him into this reality a little. Cute little guy.

Davey has started doing this funny thing where when he wants something he does his best to try and communicate what he wants with the words he has plus grunts and gestures and then once you guess the thing that he wants he tries to make is sound like it was your idea by saying, "K!" He's shortening "okay" and putting this inflection on it like, "what a great idea, I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself, let's do it right away!"

For instance last night he was sitting on my lap watching Toy Story and he started pointing to the kitchen longingly and saying, "ca ca. ca ca" and I said, "Oh, you want me to go get you a cookie?" and he said, "K!" Like its a done deal! It's a very tricky maneuver because it makes us laugh every time and then we usually do it. I for instance, got him the cookie but once he finished and asked for another one I didn't fall into his trap a second time. I was born on a Sunday but it wasn't last Sunday.

Dup has been working like a Dog. He watches Davey all day then I walk in the door at 3:30pm and he walks the dog and then shuts himself into our bedroom and starts making his calls. He stays there until 8:30pm and then he works on his University of Phoenix training until about midnight. Then he goes to bed and Davey wakes up at 5:30am and he does it all over again. This is a temporary situation mind you. The Phoenix training goes on for the rest of this week and next week and then he'll get a break. The first job is a telemarketing gig he got. It's not so bad because he can do it from home and he doesn't have to do cold calls. It's something the people have already signed up for. In addition to all of this on his 2 off days a week he has been rehearsing for a reading of one of his plays that is going up tonight. Dup is tired. I am proud of him though for working so hard! Thank you Daddy Dup for supporting your family. We'll be glad when we get to see more of him though. It was tough financially when he wasn't working but it was sure nice having him around.

The season finale of American Idol is tonight. It's got to be Adam! I watched last night and he was great. Chris is a cutie but Adam deserves to win it. He's a true drag queen superstar. No matter what he'll definitely have a career ahead of him. That is if he doesn't succumb to booze and drugs like so many before... sigh. God I want a drink.

Well I think the event has probably started now. So I'm going to go down and fetch my burrito.


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