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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I've been published! Well, no, not really. But I did get a letter posted on Mike Daisey's Blog and a lot of people read that so it's something.

He's been having a debate about MFA programs, the expensive ones, and if they are charging fair prices considering the odds of being able to pay back the loans with a career in the arts is so slim. I attended an MFA program in New York for one year and had a horrible experience and ended up dropping out in order to save myself from more grief and loss of money. You can read the letter for more details.

What else has been going on? Not much I guess. Davey got 4 new teeth and he was miserable for a few days and had a cold but now he's much better. Now Dup and I have colds. I'm tired and tired of work but that's too boring to mention. Work is just really busy.

I got in a fight with the assistant of the CEO of our parent company on the phone yesterday. I was pretty shaken up by it. I can't give you all of the details because you know, world wide web and all but let's just say that I put the woman in her place in a way that I'm sure few people have before. She's miserable and she was way out of line. I told my boss about it this morning and she has my back. Whew!

Our friends Willis and Lia are in town for 3 months. Yay! We haven't seen them nearly enough yet but I love just knowing they are here. I wish they would just stay.

We're planning a trip to California Adventure. Neither Dup nor I have ever been. They have a toy story ride and a bug's life ride. Awesome. The family is currently very into Toy Story as we have watched it 300 times and Toy Story II 150 times.

Davey and I are driving up to Paso Robles tomorrow morning to see my mom, sister and niece and nephew. Davey LOVES playing with Taj and Kiah so much that it's unreal. They are so good with him and entertain him constantly with energy I could not begin to muster. It's a great break for me and a great treat for him. Penny and I are planning on heading out to see the Blues Dogs play on Saturday night in San Luis Obispo. That's my stepdad Bud's band. I've yet to see them play. Looking forward to rocking out to the Dogs. Luckily it's an 8pm show. If I take a nap, I just might make it.

I organized a playgroup in our complex for kids around the age of two. Yesterday was our first meeting and it was great. We have a little play structure with two small slides on some wood chips and it's perfect for little toddlers. It's good to finally start to meet the other parents in our community. They all seem to be really good people and they've been great about sharing info on schools, etc. We're planning on putting Davey into daycare next fall and it's pretty overwhelming and expensive.

Ok back to work. So busy at work people. My theory is that so many are losing their jobs and the rest of us are working 10x as hard. Our managers know we ain't going anywhere and they're going to take full advantage of that fact.

If you haven't seen Davey on the Radio, go check it out at Dup's blog! So funny.

Happy recession. Happy Friday!


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