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Friday, November 17, 2006


i have no excuse. i'm not writing a novel. i just haven't had anything interesting to say. also, slammed at work and when i get home i'm too too tired to write.

i'll just give you some random tid bits. we have a new gate being installed at the dog run today. it's a magnificent acomplishment! yes, thank you.

i'm leaving work at 4pm today so that i can rush over to H&M. I need to buy some new items of clothing. I MUST! I SIMPLY MUST! my boss said i could leave early because i'm going on vacation. yes that's right! as of 4pm today (that's 2 tiny little hours from now) i will be away from work for a total of 9 days. YES. i'm so fucking excited.

i have a ton to do. i haven't packed. i'm getting my nails done at 6:30. what if i screw up my nails when i'm packing? these are my problems.

i'm considering buying a bottle of champagne on the way home.

we're going to california for a week. we leave tomorrow morning and we get back the following saturday evening. in that time we will do the following: see my friend jake's play in LA with my cousin's megan and jim, have an 84th birthday brunch for my grammy with all of my family on my mom's side, spend 2 nights in LA with friends, drink with friends in LA, go to Roscoes Waffle house in LA, go the Getty Malibu, go to Griffith Park, drive up to my mom's in San Luis which is wine country, play with my mom's new puppy "zoe" (an austrailian shepherd 6 weeks), have thanksgiving with my mom & stepdad, my grammy, my cousins, my cousins kids, my husband, go to a winery, sit in my mom's hot tub & who knows what else!

it's going to be fun, ok?

i'm just hoping our plane gets in on time because we want to be able to make the play tomorrow night.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm grateful to have a blog and people who read it and obviously, i'm grateful for my vacation. and my life.


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