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Monday, May 03, 2010

the boys

I've heard of this early childhood idea that your kid is usually existing in a mastery phase, where they feel on top of their game or a learning phase where they are trying to master something and they are feeling insecure and out of sorts. Well, gee wiz, I guess that kind of applies to big people too but it makes a lot of sense when you are watching a developing toddler. The transition from age two to age three is crazy really. There's so much expected of them. They are giving up their pacifiers, giving up their bottle, learning to sleep in a regular bed, learning to use the toilet. It's really the transition year from "baby" to "big kid". It's a lot. Then add getting a new baby brother to the mix. It's even more.

There are so many things that Davey says now that clue me into the sort of complex stuff he's dealing with. Where he used to just say "yes" or "no", now a lot of times he considers something and comes back with "maybe". Sometimes when he says something and I ask him about it he'll shake his head and say, "nothing mamma." As if to say, "oh you wouldn't get it" or "the moment has past." Lately, instead of saying, "I can't do it." he says, "I can't do anything." which is so heart breaking to hear. I mean, where is he getting that? He'll also say, "I'm sad mamma." If he's upset. Don't worry, he also says, "I like it!" and "I like him/her." a lot too and he says, "I DID IT!" in a very proud way a whole lot. The most wonderful thing that he says now is, "i love you." but he doesn't usually say "i love you" instead he says, "i love you too." even though you haven't said it to him at that particular moment (I say it to him all the time). I guess it's because he's used to saying it back to me but now, he'll just kind of out of the blue come up to me and say, "I love you too mama." It's similar to when he says, "hold you." when he really means, "hold me."

This weekend Davey transitioned to his "big boy bed". It's a toddler bed which means it's this adorable little miniature bed that his crib mattress fits into. A friend of ours handed it down to us. We've been talking about it for a while now and I think he is ready. He loves his little bed and when we set it up he couldn't wait to go to sleep in it. He's figured out though that he's free to get up from it and he's testing that new found freedom. He slept in it both Saturday and Sunday nights and both nights we had to go in there a few times before he settled down and finally went to sleep. Instead of yelling for me from his bed he gets up and goes to the door. Then when I open the door he's wandering around his room saying, "I missing something. missing something." I ask him what it is that he's missing and he thinks and thinks and can't figure out what it is. Finally last night I was like, "honey do you miss your crib? Is that what you are missing?" and he was like, "no! a TOY!" I think really he just wants to walk around. He's exploring his new boundaries.

Jasper is a doll. He's so precious and cute. He just lights up the room when he smiles, which is a lot. He's a good eater! Davey as most of you know was not. Jasper just opens his mouth and gobbles up his food. It's wonderful. He eats apples, pears, peas, plums, rice cereal, bananas and hard little baby cookies. I've also frozen some bagel halves and he likes to chew on those. Last night I was eating a chicken leg in front of him and he yelled like a little cave man and reached for it. He wants meat.

Jasper is also starting to scoot. He's not sitting up on his own yet or getting on all fours yet but he can move across a room. Mostly he rolls himself along from back to front and back to front in one direction to get to what he wants and then scoots the last part of the way. The gig is just about up for us. We're going to have two little mobile creatures on our hands very soon. Lord save us. Jasper is transitioning from his infant car seat to his permanent britax convertable car seat today. He will still face the back but it's bigger and roomier and I think he'll like it. The downside is that you can't carry him around in it but he's getting so heavy now that it's not so convenient to do that anymore anyway. So many transitions though. It's all going so fast. It's what every one says but they say it for a reason. It goes fast


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