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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Days of the Week

When you work in an office the days of the week are very pronounced. People bring attention to what day of the week it is all the time because you know, we're all living for the weekend, a three day weekend especially. The only day that is kind of illusive is Tuesday.

Monday is Monday, we all know about Monday. Wednesday is Hump, pretty much every one knows about Hump Day. Thursday is "almost Friday" and Friday is of course, Friday. But Tuesday is ... what is it? It just isn't anything.

Historically, Tuesday has been my least favorite day of the week. For most people it's Monday and I agree that Monday's generally suck because you know, you have to shove your head back into the box but for me Mondays tend to go by really fast and I don't usually do a ton of work on Mondays. On Mondays I tend to kind of asses what was left from last week and what needs to be done this week. So Tuesday is kind of the "well you gotta stop fucking around now and just do the work" day. Also, it's no where near the end of the week and it doesn't go by fast at all.

A Colleague and I have been pondering what to call Tuesday for a while now and I finally landed on "Tuesday Blues Day". Whenever I see her on a Tuesday we always say it. But today I was thinking about just how negative it is and I spent some time trying to come up with something else to call it, something more positive. I think I've hit it.

Tuesday is now Cruise Day. From now on, every Tuesday I'm going to pretend that my office is actually an ocean liner and I am floating in the Caribbean. I will cast the people in my office as characters in my own Love Boat episode. Cruuuuuuuuuuuise Day. Much more positive.

I hope it sticks.

Happy Cruise Day every one.


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