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Friday, February 12, 2010

This just in!

Jasper rolled over. He rolls! From his back to his tummy. It's a big deal! A big deal that not only has gone undocumented but initially went unnoticed. Last night Dup yelled out, "he rolled over!" and I said, "did you see him do it?' and Dup was like, "no! I just looked over and he was on his stomach." So basically he did it when no one was looking. There was no other explanation for how he would have gotten on his stomach. The poor little guy hits this major milestone and it's like a tree falling in the woods. He is such the victim of second child syndrome. It would have been impossible for Davey to get away with a major milestone unnoticed because we were ALWAYS WATCHING HIM.

This morning after he was fed and happy I laid Jasper down on his back on his Gymini mat and said, "ok, lets see you do it!" and sure enough, he did it again. This time I saw the whole thing. It was exciting and adorable and Davey was very proud.

In going along with the theme of second-child-syndrome here is a video clip of Davey rolling over. By the time we video tape Jasper doing it he'll be walking. They look a lot alike so just pretend this is Jasper: the roll over


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Yeah Jasper!


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