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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pray for the Beagle

Well folks we almost made it to 2009 without another major expense slapping us in the face but not quite. On Christmas Day, Eliott injured himself jumping off the bed. We didn't take it too seriously because he's had a slipped disc in his back before and the Vet just gave him some pain meds and it improved. It was a weekend and the Vet didn't open until Tuesday so we delayed bringing him in. So you can imagine our guilt upon discovering on Tuesday night, after taking him the Animal Hospital because he seemed to be getting worse, that he is suffering from a degenerative spine disorder and may need major back surgery that could cost us up to $8,000. They are telling us that if action isn't taken he could become completely paralyzed in his back legs.

We met with the surgeon the next day and she is willing to try giving him steroids for 2 weeks to see if this improves the condition without surgery. This moved the decimal point over one to make the vet bill $800.00 But still, FUCK.

Eliott is our first born but he has a lot of issues. He has always been high maintenance and now with 2 kids, he is often what pushes us over the edge into insanity stress wise. But he's our baby and he's very very very close with Dup. Dup will not consider putting him down. Will not even entertain the idea. Ultimately I agree with him. We can't do it. We would never forgive ourselves. But I can't tell you that I didn't entertain the idea...

He's at a tricky age. He's 8. So he could have another 4-6 good years left. On the good side, we would lose him before the kids get too attached. I mean losing the family dog when the kids are 6 and 8 years old? How do you spell "shit storm"? Oh, I think it's S H I T S T O R M. Yeah, I wouldn't mind avoiding that one. But on the bad side of letting him go now, he'd be gone and we will miss him too much to explain here.

We've already decided. We're going to save the beagle. Even if we have to finance $8,000 we will save the fucking beagle.

For $8,000 I could get redo my kitchen.

I could get fake boobs AND a chemical peel.

I told Dup that if we do go ahead with the surgery we should ask them to remove his vocal chords while they're at it.

Yes, I am going to hell.

We love you Eliott. We are glad you're here. Please stay.

I said stay! Get back here! (damn dog)


At 12:53 AM, Blogger christine murray said...

VALENCIA sends her love as do I. I know how hard this is. My thoughts are with y'all.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Tough decision for a loved pet, but I'd ask the vet if the $8,000 will cure the beagle, or just keep it alive -- if the quality of life won't drastically improve, you really should make the tough decision.

Just to throw some gas on the fire, if my spouse insisted on $8,000 for a pet, I'd consider divorce. That kind of crazy I don't need in my life.


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