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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Davey = Good!

Thanks so much to every one for your caring, heartfelt words of comfort. It means so much to me. Davey is doing SO MUCH better since yesterday. He's just been in the best mood, getting his energy back and that twinkle in his eye that makes him so unique. I think he just feels so much better and he's grateful that he's home. I'd still say that he's at about 95%. We're going to keep him quarantined for another week, from other kids, etc. I'm really going to have to be vigilant over the next 6 months or so about keeping him healthy. Up until this point I've been extremely laid back about hanging around other little snotty noses and really it does build their immune systems and you can't shelter them from being sick and you shouldn't try but I'm going to try. If he gets sick again like that....

Life jolts you and shakes you up sometimes out of your haze to remind you that you are grateful for every breath you have. This experience, seeing my little boy in so much pain, so scared, worrying that he could have a very serious condition, it has reminded me. I'm awake to it but also I am very tired. The whole thing has exhausted me to the point where I feel like curling into a ball and crying for 2 hours and then sleeping for 2 days. Sleep unfortunately is not in the immediate future...

When I walk in the door after being at work all day Davey looks up and says, "Ahhhhhh!!" and then he says, "Ma MA." and then he runs up to me with his arms open and I pick him up and he nuzzles my face and I say, "i missed you so much today!" and he says, "Ma MA." etc...


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Eve said...

Those toddler MaMAs are so yummy. Enjoy.


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