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Monday, December 08, 2008

getting sh%# done

I guess there’s this really popular book called “Getting Things Done” which I’ve never read. Dup has read it. He has it actually. I’ve always wanted to read it but I guess I’ve just been too busy doing things to get around to it. The funny story I heard about the person who wrote the book was that it was so wildly popular that the publisher gave him a huge advance to write another book but he never finished it. Hilarious.

I love to get things done and I have a hard time relaxing if I'm not either doing something or I have exhausted myself from the doing. I'd like to read the book but I also feel like it's realy more for people who have trouble getting things done. I more have the opposite problem. I do really like to have a balance of relaxing and getting things done though and this weekend was a perfect balance of that.

We got a lot of things done and some things we didn’t get done. I could spend a lot of time focusing on the things we didn’t get done but I’m choosing to focus on the things we did. I also like to count the relaxing parts as doing. Taking a nap is getting something done. It sounds sedintary but it is actually active. You are catching up on sleep. It was a nice weekend mainly because,besides a play that Dup went to see on Saturday night, we had no plans. I had blocked out the whole weekend on the calendar to “PAINT DAVEY’S ROOM” but we decided to hire a professional to do it so we were left with no plans, yay! I think I’d rather wait and pay more and do that with all of the rooms because it’s a permanent space and I want it done right. We choose Davey’s room first because it’s the smallest and also in the worst shape. I guess once it’s done we will spend all of our time there.

So anyway, hiring the pro (I think he’ll come this week some day to do it. Still waiting to hear) freed up the weekend. These are the things we did:

Secured the balcony so that Davey can’t fall off of it.
Got bagel sandwiches and walked to the library.
Took a long nap.
Walked around the complex, looked at the ducks and the cats.
Played on slide.
Did all of the laundry
Washed the down comforter
Washed the couch cushion covers
Ate pizza and salad.
Got Christmas tree.
Decorated Christmas tree and condo for christmas.
Listened to Christmas music.
Watched “Pee Wee’s Christmas Special”
Watched “Charlie Brown Christmas Special”
Made pancackes and bacon (ate it).
Walked around the complex, looked at ducks and cats.
Played on slide.
Ate pizza and salad..
Watched Entourage.

That’s a lot of things! One thing that I really wanted to do but didn’t get to was de-spider the balcony. While I was securing it so that Davey won’t fall off it, I noticed that the thing is crawling with spiders: webs, dead spiders, alive spiders, spider eggs, spider cocoons. It’s enough to make you tear your eyes out. I know that spiders are “good luck” and that they eat bugs and don’t get me wrong I love spiders. I just don’t want them taking over, which apparently is the plan in full motion.

Next weekend….


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