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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sucking it out

I want to write you a brilliant little post about life and things but I'm just so fucking tired. We moved in on Saturday and we've spent 2 nights in the new condo. We're sort of camping there with all of our clothes, bathroom stuff, some dressers and rugs but no Kitchen table, no couch, no TV, no pictures, nothing in the kitchen (using paper plates and plastic silverware). The rest of our stuff comes from storage on Saturday. We're trying to get this first round unpacked and in place before the bigger move arrives. Dup has been working SO HARD to get things organized. On top of it all he started a new class this week. So he's not only teaching all day Friday but also Monday and Wednesday evenings 6pm-9pm, that's after being up since 6am watching lil D! What a trooper the Dupster is. I'm grateful to him, very grateful. I myself have been super busy at work and also pushed up my sleeves and unpacked a ton of boxes last night. When Dup unpacks he puts thought into it and organizes carefully. I just throw things into closets and drawers, "organize it better later." I get more done more quickly but... Still it's looking more manageable and I actually like the lack of furniture and the space it creates. Davey LOVES it. He rides his little radio flyer trike around the living room and pushes his baby carriage around without worry about running into ANYTHING. We'd like to keep it sparse. I hope we can.

One of my most favorite parts about the condo is this storage space that is under the stairs. It's a little door for little people and when you open it, it goes to a little closet that is sideways-triangle shaped, getting smaller as the stairs go down. I decided as soon as I saw it that we would never store anything there, this has to be for the kid(s?). They can draw on the walls, whatever in there, sleep in there, have sex in there when they're teenagers. It's a total free for all in that closet.

What else do I like about the new condo? I like the high ceilings and the lay out. I love the washer and dryer, even though they are old and loud. I love that we have them. I love that our bedroom is big enough that we don't have to push the bed against a wall and that I can just step out of bed without crawling to the bottom and also I have my own bedside table. I love that there's a linen closet and a hall closet to store the broom and the vacuum and the sewing machine. I love that there is a lot of natural light and that our NEIGHBORS so far seem SO NICE and TOTALLY SANE, YAY!!! That's huge people, huge. Also the commute to and from work - SHORT. I love the 20 minute commute.

The list of things I don't like is long and gripey and I won't list them. Thanks to every one who posted such nice comments saying you know, "oh you're exaggerating it's super nice!" etc. The photos posted are flattering to the space and very bright but they do show the skeleton and the lay out and space that is there so in a way you are right. HOWEVER, if I got up close with the camera you would see how FUCKING DIRTY AND HOLE RIDDEN the walls are in every single room. You would see how gross the carpet is. You would see the rust on all of the fixtures in the bathrooms, the chipped and broken mirrors, the stains on the ceiling tiles in the hallway, the..... uh oh, I'm doing it!

This move is sucking it out of me. I know it's because, well you know, we JUST DID IT. Usually you get at least 2-3 years in between. It's fucking exhausting. Still once we do this, once we're in, we're in for a while. When Dup and I searched for our first place together in Brooklyn it was arduous and when we finally found our adorable little apartment Dup exclaimed, "we're not moving for 10 years!" This time I think that's definitely true.


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