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Thursday, January 10, 2008

this blog could get pretty boring

You're all like, "Get boring? Um, it's been boring for a while now." I know! I don't know where to take this thing because all I feel like blogging about is dieting and sit ups. It's all like, "I ate a cookie." Who cares???
You've been warned.

I made it through the 2 week detox pretty well. I lost approx 5lbs. I need to lose 5 more. what i really need to do is the sit ups and the diet together now. I know that but I'm too tired out by the end of the day to do the damned sit ups.

Yesterday, I was able to add dark chocolate. I ate an entire dove bar. I don't think that's really the idea, that you can eat an entire chocolate bar, more like 2 pieces a day or something. It was really good. I won't make a habit of that.

"Why don't you talk about your baby la Ketch?"

Ok, I will! Davey is starting to eat some solids. I fed him some rice cereal the night before last and he was taking real bites, opening his mouth and everything. Mostly he is interested in eating the bowl and the spoon, not the bowl full of cereal or a spoon full of cereal but the actual bowl, the actual spoon. It's pretty fun feeding him. I like it. I do airplane and say, "Mmm, mmm good, mmm, mmm good, Campbel's homemade soup is mmm, mmm good," like my mom did with me. We're trying to get him on a regular night time schedule but it's pretty patchy. Also, He says "mama" a lot now, just babbles it constantly, "mama, mama, mama, mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mama ..." He isn't attaching it to me at all but I'll take it. Also, he is cute (see photo above).

I guess I'll just keep motoring on with the diet in detox mode. I forgot to tell you that red wine is on the detox diet. In case anyone decides to do it with me. You can drink red wine. Go a head, have a glass right now. Pour it on your whole grain cereal. It's good for you.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger HappyBabee said...

i did not find that boring in the least. I found out that i, unknowingly, am on the detox red wine diet - i'm on my second bottle and the shit you just wrote is a little blurry but very very interesting!!!!!!!!


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