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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I promise to post photos of the new condo soon. In the mean time let's talk about balls.

Davey has a word. He has a couple of words that are inconsistent but he has one word that is loud and strong and that word is BALL. This is an extremely common first word for babies and Davey started with it a few months ago and now he's obsessed. "Ball, ball, ball," he walks around repeating it over and over again. When we took him to Disneyland he fell asleep in the car on the way and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot he opened his eyes and said, "Ball." It was like, "now where was I before I fell asleep, oh yes! Ball!"

It's so trippy to think about. What would it be like if you had exactly one word in your entire vocabulary and you had to use that one word to express yourself and then what if that one word was "ball?" I mean if I had to choose one word it would probably be a verb or an affirmation. Something like, "look" or "yes" or I don't know what but it wouldn't be a noun.

And then when you see the actual thing, this object that the word represents, an actual ball. I mean he goes nuts. Deron was reading him a book the other night and there was a photo of a ball in the book and he yelled, "BALL!" so loud and emphatically that it was if the ball was on fire and coming toward his head. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and this just killed me. I'm still laughing about it today.

Pretty much anything round is a ball. There are lots of pumpkins around of course being that it's almost Halloween and so all of the pumpkins are "ball." And so now Deron and I have started saying, "ball, ball" all the time like the martians on seasame street.

Oh speaking of Seasame Street. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan but Dup watches with Davey every morning (lucky duck) and there's this new series called, "Murray had a little lamb" where the monster "Murray" visits a different school each time with a lamb who speaks Spanish. I don't remember her name. Anyway we were in the kitchen on Saturday making breakfast and Seasame Street was playing in the other room and Dup heard Murray had a little lamb come on and he exclaimed, "MURRAY HAD A LITTLE LAMB IS ON!" and ran .... yes he ran, into the room to watch it. It was so hilarious and funny and I've been making fun of him for it non-stop since.



At 2:05 AM, Blogger Tina Rowley said...


That's hilarious. I love it. ZzzzzBALL! Ball..zzzz. Ball!

I can't believe Davey is such a man, now. Damn it, why didn't you guys move back to Seattle? Finn and Davey would be living it up.

I wish Finn were more into Sesame Street. He's a one-show-in-rotation guy, and right now that show is Zoboomafoo. I'll have to check out that Murray business.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger A Large Slice of Cake said...

I love Sesame Street, too! Have you seen Tina Fey being a Pirate Who Loves to Read? You can find it on YouTube. Then you'll have the song in your head for days after.

Congrats on your move and your awesome new condo! Good luck moving in and getting settled!


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