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Friday, May 02, 2008

Once again it's limbo time. Akimbo in limbo. It's what life is all about, being able to navigate this space. The space in between the action. I'm good at action. Waiting, not so much. You can search back through this blog and find many similar entries such as this. This time reminds me of how I felt before the MAJOR events in my life, getting married, having Davey. THE BIG MOVE TO LA. So close and yet... 10 weeks away. Oh it will be here before I know it. I know that, I know that but it's not here yet is it? It's not here NOW. To live in the now, now, now. It's hard.

Still, I'm in great spirits. I'm energized but the momentum of it. I have so much hope and optimism surrounding it. I feel happy.

It's just that right this very second everything is done and it's too early to do what's left to do. I've started applying for jobs but it's too soon. People looking for secretaries want them now, not in 12 weeks. So I'll have to wait and meet with the people who will need a secretary 12 weeks from now. They don't even know they need me yet. They think their secretary will be sticking around. Little do they know he/she is pregnant and hasn't told them yet or maybe he/she doesn't even know yet. Maybe they are going to finally going to land a feature film and they'll be off like a thrift store prom dress and I'll be in like the best executive assistant in the entire universe.

I was looking through craigslist and I found this:

Private Equity Firm Needs Executive Assistant – $80K + Bonus
Reply to:
job-651140109@craigslist.orgDate: 2008-04-21, 5:04PM PDTPhenomenal opportunity for a skilled professional to work as the Executive Assistant to the Finance team. If you pride yourself on your project management skills and excellent ability to work with numbers, you will love this opportunity to excel while doing what you do best! Bring your impeccable multitasking abilities to this role and become an integral member of this brilliant, performance-driven staff. Exceed expectations as you seamlessly manage a busy meeting calendar, process expense reports, update contact databases, and coordinate various projects and deadlines to keep these busy professionals on track. This role requires an excellent work ethic and the ability to produce consistent high-quality results. We’re looking for someone with a solid work history and at least 3-4 years of experience in an administrative role, preferably supporting multiple people. MUST have a general understanding of finance/numbers, and some experience working with pivot tables. Previous experience in the financial or private equity industries would be a huge plus. High proficiency in MS Office applications is required. College degree preferred. If you are seeking an opportunity to advance your career with an industry leader, you will love this opportunity to work with a top Los Angeles firm. Excellent benefits, an annual bonus, and a fantastic work environment! Please submit resumes in Word format.


Ok, so I sent my resume but It's a job through and agency that I've already made an appointment to intreview with. It's too early for this job. They need someone right away for this one but they are telling me that they should have more jobs like this one when I get out there. Well I really, really hope that's true people!

So, I'm taking this time, this moment in limbo to put this out there:

Please dear Universe, dear God. Please let me get a job exactly like that. I'm perfect for it. It's my destiny. Please let me have it. Please, please, please. I'll be good. I promise. Please.

LA la Ketch


At 6:12 PM, Blogger P'tit Boo said...

We're doing the big move thing too. San francisco !
Do you guys have an apartment yet !
It's so frustrating to have to wait until the last minute for everything... i am there with you !


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