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Sunday, December 23, 2007

merry merry

many people have asked me how the sit ups are going. thanks for caring i appreciate it. it's folks like you who are going to keep my stomach from remaining like a bowl of jello. i def hit a wall with the situps and i think it's because i'm just not seeing the results i expected. i didn't expect much because i know it's not a lot of sit ups but i guess i did expect a little tightening or something and that's not happening. the reason it's not happening is because i am eating like a cow. which isn't a good analogy because cows eat grass and i'm eating chocolate. i've decided that after the new year i'll start watching what i'm eating. it's just futile until then. i sit at work across from a credenza upon which is piled a mountain brownies and fine chocolates, like really good brownies and really good chocolates. so please, i'd like to see you NOT eat them (shut up trisch).

so new years. i'm not big on resolutions but the timing is convenient. until then, i will continue my sit ups. it may not be helping but it can't be hurting me either. i skipped mon, tues & wed. then i did them thurs, fri, sat. so today i did 400 sit ups to make up for the lost 3 days which puts me back on track at day 29. so i'm still doing it DOUBTERS!!!!!!!

the real reason i'm posting is to share this photo we cooked up yesterday after our big walk into williamsburg where i bought my christmas present that dup is getting me with his credit card and gave it to him to wrap for me so that i can open it christmas day, then this morning wrapped it myself. yes i guess the romance is gone people. i think the photo turned out pretty cute and i'm glad we finally did something because you know, baby's first christmas and all, people EXPECT IT. you've probably already seen it because we sent it out in a mass e-mail yesterday. if we missed you, here it is! that's our little dude with our other little dude! we love them to pieces.

We are truly blessed this year and we send out all of the love and joy we can to each and every one of you. may we please have some peace in 2008 or at least a Democrat in the White House. OH PLEASE GOD!

merry merry every body.

la Ketch


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