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Monday, October 08, 2007

back to work

unbelievable that i'm back. sitting at my desk. it seems like i've been gone for years. everyone says it seems like i just left. i guess going through a major life change makes time stretch out a bit. it's quite a mindfuck. i've been thinking a lot about ... stuff. deep thoughts about, you know... life. i don't think it's coagulated enough to actually smash into a blog post but soon.
i miss my guys but i'm ok. today i'm ok. i'm only working 12-5 this week so it makes the transition a lot easier. next week will be the real kicker. i'm dreading, dreading, dreading the winter. only one more winter. one more winter and then... CALIFORNIA. finally.

ahhh california. i can't wait. only 9 more months really.

My cousin's little baby is home safe. She said it's so amazing to have the twins back together again. They sleep together in the same bassinet and it's so cute. YAY! welcome home tiny jeffery!

more later. gotta go do some office shit.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Is that really how your office looks? Which desk is yours. And where is the guy with the camera to interview your every secret comment.


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