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Friday, May 05, 2006


This morning I woke up to an NPR segment about the NYC budget. Michael Bloomberg has allotted money to buy a bunch of bullet proof vests for police officers. I think this is great. They should pay for police officers to be protected but what he has also done, is cut funding for schools.

WHAT? How could anyone in their right mind even consider CUTTING funding for schools? They need so much more money than they have as it is! The Public Schools are in such bad shape and kids are falling through every crack. They are falling through every crack and they are growing up to be criminals.

We are breeding criminals in our public school systems and we spend money on bullet proof vests. Fucking A. Better get some more vests Mr. Bloomberg. Better get a whole lotta of 'em, 'cause if you keep cutting funding for education these kids are going to come back at you packin heat. Whatever you do, don't put money into education. Don't give these kids a chance to learn, to respect themselves, to respect the people around them, to avoid a life of crime. No, no, no, don't waste your time with that. Just buy more bullet proof vests.



At 12:37 PM, Blogger HappyBabee said...

Hold on. I'm confused as to where you stand on this issue? BTW, where can I get the baby t with that image on it? Good for casual friday attire.


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