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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fame: what is it good for?

It is raining, raining, raining today and it’s supposed to do the same tomorrow. I’m not letting is get me down though. It’s been so nice all week and I feel convinced that Spring is really here and I won’t be putting my puffy coat on again for a while.

Time is moving on. Baby Finn was born. Eve is having her twins next week. I woke up this morning with babies on the brain dudes. Probably mostly because I spent about an hour on the phone with my cousin last night talking about whether I should try and do a natural child birth or just fuck it and go for the epidural. It was a really funny conversation considering the fact that I AM NOT PREGNANT.

Right now Dup is at the library working on this paper he's writing and I'm still in my pajamas, drinking coffee, waiting for the parks dept. guy to call me. Ah, it seems like I'm always waiting for the Parks Department guy to call me. Today he's supposed to call about this huge message board I got from work and painted for the Dog Run. I need to know when and where to drop it off so that they can bolt it up on the fence. I just can’t wait until it’s up there so that I can communicate to the dog people in a more organized way!

This is the kind of fucking shit I’m getting excited about.

The owner of one of Eliott’s favorite playmates, Valencia, started this new tradition at the Dog Run in conjunction with the warm weather. The tradition is that we meet at the dog park after work on Friday nights and somebody brings a bottle of wine and some plastic cups and then we DRINK THE WINE. Isn’t that a great tradition?! She’s some kind of genius. So we did that last night and it was fun but beyond being fun, something truly remarkable happened...

I brought some flyers with me for the big fund raiser we are having on May 13th. I’ve been doing that lately. I go to the run with flyers in my pocket and then while I’m there I approach people, ask them how often they use the run, introduce myself, tell them about our organization and of course, invite them to the party. It’s been working pretty well and people are very enthusiastic about it. I especially like to talk to people who are “regular dog run users”, those are the people who I see there all the time. They use the run every day and we need them on our team. So last night there was one of these “regular dog run users” at the run and I walked up to him, gave him a flyer and introduced myself.

La Ketch: Hey there, I know you use the run all the time because I always see you here but I’ve never introduced myself. My name is la Ketch. Here’s an invitation to our fundraiser May 13th. I really hope you can come.

Dog run user: AAhhhhaaah! So yooouu’reee the FAMOUS la Ketch.

Now, the implication was fairly positive. I wasn’t like he was saying, “you’re that famous cunt faced bitch everyone complains about” but it also wasn’t like he was saying, “Charmed, an honor to meet you. Absolute honor.” It was somewhere in the middle. That's not even close to my point though. It doesn’t matter if he hated me or loved me it was that fantastic, fantastic adjective he used before my name that really got my ego in a jubilee.

I am famous in the Dog Run. That’s right. The people who go there know who I am. Do they like me? Do they fear me? Do they hate my guts? It doesn’t matter. What matters is they know my name.

I don’t know if any of my readers have ever experienced what I'm talking about, ever had a taste of sweet, sweet fame like I did last night but if you have then you know that it is a little taste of the devil’s gin and it only leaves one wanting more. This is how people decide to go into politics.

When he said it I just kind of laughed. I got his name (Sean). We hung out for a while and I got pretty buzzed, talked a bunch of people up about the plans for the run and just you know, life in general. I bummed a cigarette of this cool dude and it tasted good. After a while, Dup started getting bored and it was chilly and so we left to go home and see about dinner. On the walk home I started laughing out loud to myself like a crazy person. I couldn't stop laughing. I was elated.

Finally, Dup was like, “What? Is soo funny.”
And I was like, “He said I was faaymous.”
And Dup was like,

“Oh. My. God.”


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