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Monday, December 27, 2010

After the storm

Snowing snowing snowing in New York and Sunny and 65 here. Finally. Beautiful day. I am at work. It's kind of nice to be here because it's quiet and the last few days have been anything but quiet. We had a really nice Christmas but lots of running around. Davey had a blast with his cousins and he got lots of fun stuff. He especially likes his bat cave and his spiderman costume. Jasper loves his big red ball and his miniature vacuum cleaner that runs. He's always vacuuming now.

Deron didn't like my fake holiday letter post. I guess the stuff about the kids was hard for him. I mean obviously it was a joke but the tone was a bit acerbic so I guess it just wasn't as funny as I had intended it to be. Deron does not have any sort of a sexually transmitted disease for the record.

I'm also sorry if I offended anyone who has it together enough to mail a holiday card. I love the cards we get. They are beautiful and they are on our fridge. Please don't take me off your list. I was just cranky. I put this collage together and this is our holiday card.

I hope you had a good one!


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