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Monday, October 11, 2010

Davey at Kajukenbo

Davey is taking Karate. It's really Kajukenbo which is a combo of a bunch of diff martial arts. It's actually, really, mostly him jumping around on some mats and yelling, "HI-YAH" over and over but he really loves the class. This Do jo is where our neighbor takes her son and it's run by a family. They are the nicest people and so good with Davey. As long as he's having fun we'll go with it. I have mixed feelings about such small children learning fighting techniques but when you have a boy you really see how they are just wired with this fighting energy. Not all boys but Davey def has the instinct to fight. I'd like to give him an outlet for it. So far he hasn't tried to use his powers for evil. Mostly he just wanted the belt. On Friday we got him all suited up in the pads for their fight night. He jumped right in there, no fear of the fighting. I gave him a thumbs up sign and he yelled, "DO YOU LIKE MY OUTFIT MOM!?" Which got a big laugh. That's my boy...


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