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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you must be wondering...

if I'm in labor or something. I am huge and I feel like it could happen at any moment but really, I have 4 weeks to go until my due date. 4 weeks and 3 days to be exact and yes, I am counting. At my last doctor appt. last week I was not dilated at all and he has not dropped down at all either. I was so sure that they were going to say something like, "are you ready to have this baby today?" You hear those stories... but nope! I shouldn't want him to come now. I feel like he would be 100% fine if he came now but he's not even considered full term for another week. We want him to stay in and develop those lungs so that he can come out breathing fully on his own and we can take him home in 2 days with no complications. I keep having to remind myself of this. He may not be ready yet. BUT I AM READY AND I AM THE MOMMY!!!!

When the Galivanting Monkey was about where I am now with her pregnancy she drew this picture of herself as a huge inflated ball with a fork sticking out of her. The caption read, "not in fact, done.... inconceivable" that is how I feel.

He's measuring about 2 weeks ahead they tell me. They guestimate, based on his measurements that he is about 6.5 lbs, this was last week, he could be 39lbs by now. Really though, I think I'm looking at at least another 2 weeks, maybe more and I think I'm looking at having about a 9lb baby. Jesus lord help me please!

The doctor will most likely not let me go past my due date which is October 17th and for this I am glad because I have not interest in going past my due date. I would prefer not to be induced however because it involves taking drugs that make contractions hurt even more than they normally hurt and they hurt quite enough already thank you very much.

My birth plan this time around is to try and labor at home for as long as possible then go to the hospital, see where I'm dialated to, try and make it to at least 6 cm and then get the epidural. If things are progressing very quickly, as they often do with #2 and I think I can do it without the epidural then I will try and do that. We will just have to see. I'm definitely going to be less stubborn about getting the epidural this time though.

So we're close! But it could still be a while. Check here for updates. One really great thing is that we got the baby's room all set up last weekend. It's all painted and curtains hung and crib set up and furniture in place and clothes hanging in the closet and folded in the drawers and little toys sitting on the book case. It's cute people. It's very cute. I'm just waiting for a poster to come back from the framers and then I'll snap a little photo and show you.

Davey is going to day care. He started 2 weeks ago but it's been stop and start partly because of the labor day holiday and partly because he's been sick. All in all though, so far, knock on wood, it's going really well. Dup went with him the whole day on the first day and the second day Dup stayed for a bit and left Davey on his own. The teacher said that he asked for Dup whenever they transitioned from room to room but that he was easily distracted and engaged in play very quickly. She also said that she can understand him very well, which was so nice to hear because I've been worried about that. How will he communicate his needs? Will he know who to go to if he needs something? But he's definitely identified the teacher very quickly. Today he is going a full day on his own which means he will be taking a nap there, theoretically. I will pick him up on my way home at 3:30pm. I'm really looking forward to that because I haven't been able to go at all with him and it will be nice to be able to meet his teacher and have Davey show me around, etc. I've seen the place several times of course when we were choosing it but not since he's been going so it will be nice for him to be able to show me.

I have to get back to work but before I go I wanted to give a shout out to my sistah Jena Cane, who I just found out has been battling CANCER (jesus fucking christ) for the past 3 months. She HAD B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma in her lymph system and follicular lymphoma in her bone marrow, whatever the fuck that means, sounds like pure insanity but I stress the HAD because she's been undergoing Chemo and her last scan showed no cancer. GONE.

If you know Jena, or even if you don't, please say a big prayer for her so that she stays cancer free forever and ever. We love this girl too much to even entertain the idea of anything less. Here is a link to her website if you want to hear more about her story and how she is doing:
Jena's Website

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At 5:47 PM, Blogger Tina Rowley said...

Sweet darling, my head has been underwater. I've been in the shit, been in 'Nam, but I'm thinking about you and love you and am crazy with anticipation for you. IT'S RIGHT NOW, PRETTY MUCH! You could almost be in labor right now! Except Dup probably might have mentioned it on Facebook a minute ago, instead of talking about Roseanne Cash. You BRING it, mama. You go kick that labor's ASS and take its NAME and get that baby out to the world just like you know how to do it.

I love you.


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