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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Craigslist Winner

We're selling our couch on craigslist. I placed this ad:

This couch has served us very well but we need something bigger in our new space. It's really more like a love seat, 66 " across, fits 2 people comfortably. The arms are a bit worn but it has no tears and the cushion covers are machine washable. It folds out into a double bed. The matress is quite comfortable. We can not deliver. Pick up only. We live on the second floor so there is one flight of stairs to go down. It will take 2 people to carry. Serious inquiries only please! Thanks.

I received this inquiry today:

Hi! I saw your listing on Craiglist and am interested in the sleeper couch. What is the condition of the couch and would it be able to fit into a regular honda accord car? Thanks!

Will it fit into a Honda Accord? Um, nooooooo because it's a couch you IDIOT!
We actually sold it pretty quickly. The guy is picking it up today (knock on wood). He will be bringing a friend and a van, not a sedan.


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