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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Eagle...

...has landed.

And by Eagle I mean us, me and the boys, have landed in LA. Even little Eliott has made it across. He ended up flying and he seems to have survived just fine. He's not really talking much about the experience.

As expected it's been a whirlwind, a blur.

We've settled into our little Laurel Canyon cabin quite nicely. We're renting the bottom half of this house and we share it with our good friends Jacob and Crystal. It's strange having room mates again but they couldn't be more gracious, especially about Eliott's howling. Oh please God make him STOP. He's on a jag. We're hoping he'll settle down soon.

We got 2 cars, that was the big task in the first week. It's was kind of grueling but over all a good experience. We just decided to go to Car Max and over all we are pleased. I got an 03 Ford Focus, dark blue and Dup got a silver 03 Honda CRV. Dup looks very cute in his CRV, especially when Davey is in the back in his seat. I would say that I look cute in my Focus but currently there is bird shit all over it. Whatever birds...

This weekend is another crazy one. We're driving down to Orange County tomorrow to go to my cousin's husband's brother's baby's 1st B-day. Barret was born 2 days before Davey. We're going to stay Saturday night down there and then Sunday is Davey's 1st B-day extravaganza!

We're having his party at my Grammy's house which is very special because we used to do events at her house all of the time growing up but that's sort of dwindled off. She's super excited and the whole thing is turning into a sort of family reunion. Every one is coming. We're going to have a slip 'n slide and water guns and a treasure hunt for the older kids. Originally the theme was monkeys but so far no monkeys are involved, not even in the decorations really. My mom told me that Tori Spelling had a monkey themed party for her little boy and she had actual live monkeys. So, that just kind of turned me off of it. The new emerging theme seems to be balloons. There are balloons on the cake and there will be helium balloons for decorations. Davey loves balloons too so that's great.


Oh also, he is walking every where now. He uses walking as his main mode of transport. It's funny too because he's kind of small for his age and he just looks hilarious walking around like a little drunk rodney dangerfield. I came out of his room a couple of days ago and there he was just walking by in the living room like he had an important meeting to get to but he'd had a few too many martini's at lunch.

Do I miss New York? hmmm. not yet but I will, I can feel it. Just typing that sentence actually, I had a little pang. Over all though, I am SO FUCKING HAPPY to be here. The weather has been spectacular this whole week. I started my job. Every one is being super nice to me. The offices are amazing. My boss has been out all week so that's been kind of nice to have a bit of calm before the storm. Monday should be very very crazy and I'll be exhausted from the weekend. Wish me luck there.

Ok, I better get back to work. More later from LA LA land.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Tina Rowley said...

Hurray! I'm so glad you guys are settling in well. And I can't believe Davey is turning one. Whatthe. Finn and I looked at all the Flickrs of Davey and reminisced. He was so into Baby Davey after Heidi and Kip's wedding. He CRIES. He EATS. He SLEEPS.

Keep it coming, mama. I want to know all about the new life.

Big Love.

At 11:01 PM, Blogger A Large Slice of Cake said...

Congratulations on your move! And for the record--I have a silver Honda, too! Her name is Sylvie. (Not so original, I know, but she's such a Sylvie.) I hope you enjoy LA, and your cars, and your new job, in all the ways that a Honda is reliable...and that's a lot!


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