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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Idol Recap

I can honestly say that this is the by far the best American Idol season so far. The competition is stiff people! Last night's show was so good with many top notch performances. My only regret is that I now have to concede to the fact that Ace is bound to get axed soon. He's still cute but he's just not good enough and he's nervous and stiff as hell. You may remember that early on I picked Paris to win it. She'll definitely be in it to the final weeks but I think it's going to be Mandisa & Katherine in the end. I know that everyone has their panties in a bundle about Chris but his "own style" is going to get boring after a while and Mandisa and Catherine are simply better singers. Paris too has an amazing, amazing voice and she's a fabulous performer but her, as Simon put it, "wind up doll" way of presenting herself may hurt her in the end.

It's still anybody's game. The performances last night were really consistently good. Taylor was not the best last night but he'll stick with it. I think Bucky is going to get cut this week. It's got to be him. He was horrible.

So here's my revised list:

Top Five:


To Win:

Either Mandisa or Katherine - I can't tell yet.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger tina said...

Too right all around.

And Kellie Pickler has to fucking cut it out. "I thought you were calling me a jacket." Oh my god, put a sock in it. And what was with her apparent semi-french WHACKJOBBER pronunciation of "searching for you"??

Seuhhrhrhrhrching feurrr yeuuuh!

Oh, my god, she was fucking killing me.

Ace was really trying to send you a telepathic message last night, honey. Dave and I were like, did we just have sex with him? We didn't ask to have sex with him. But he's looking at us like he's sure that we just did. And we apologized to each other for apparently having had sex with him, but we forgave each other because we really didn't know at the time that we were doing it.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger la Ketch said...

i know! the pickeler has a really good voice and she's great to listen to when she's singing but when she talks, whooo boy! that gurl is dumber than a bag of hammers... ace was sending me a telepathic message but it didn't have to do with making love. he was saying, "i'm constipated..." poor ace needed to poop! Ace strikes me as the kind of guy who would not be able to deal with a lot of fame anyway. i think he'd develop a serious coke habit in a matter of weeks after winning. who am i kidding, even when he gets booted, there are a lot of drugs in his future. ah!! to be young again...


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