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Thursday, March 16, 2006

don't buy these shoes

Damn bitches, it feels like friday but it's thursday! I'm so bored that I almost just bought a plane ticket on priceline to pass time. I really came so close. I pulled out my wallet and was typing my credit card number in there. My inner monologue, "Don't worry, you'll never get the ticket at this low of a price." Something stopped me though. I was finally like, "You are most certainly going to regret this." So I closed out of it. I'm glad I did. It wasn't completely random. I want to go visit my friend in London and I've been planning it but unable to find a cheap fare. I probably should go Priceline but what if they make me lay over in Iceland?

Today is my SIX YEAR anniversary living in New York. I moved on March 16th, 2000. I had a very heavy heart when I moved for I was leaving behind my sweet true love, THE DUP, the only man who has ever treated me right, that hot hot hunk of burning love. I hoped and prayed that he would follow me out here and we would move in together and get married and guess what?! That's exactly what happened.

Now I'm hoping he follows me back West... oh la Ketch! Will ye ever be satisfied?!

I'm a little upset that Ace ended up in the bottom three last night. I'm talking about American Idol Bitches! He's too cute to go out so soon. Thank God he ended up being safe. We all knew Melissa would bite it but you never know. America votes and America is stupid!

I wish American Idol was on every night so that I could feel alive like that more than twice a week. Tonight I will be forced to read my Russian Classic Novel, which actually I love and I'm nearly finished with and it has me hanging on the edge of my seat. It's a little book called, "Crime and Punishment." Heard of it? Well believe the hype! It's good! I'm sure you've already read it... don't tell me how it ends. I'm kind of guessing he gets away with it though...

Speaking of getting away with it and Crime and Punishment, this is old news but Dup and I went to see "Match Point" a couple of weeks ago and I was really excited to see it and it blew me away. I loved every single part of it. Even stuff that should have bugged me or been unbelievable didn't bug me because I just loved this film. I was completely in it, completely, to the point that when we came out of the theatre, I had forgotten which theatre we were even at. I don't mean like theatre 3 or 4. I mean, I thought we were at the Angelica and we were at the Lowes by Union Square. I was out of it from being so into it. A couple of days before we watched "Match Point", we watched "Crash". I hated "Crash" when we were watching it, even though I loved Matt Dillon, and watching "Match Point" made me loathe "Crash", especially the use of music. I really resented the crappy, syrupy music that played under every scene in that crappy, syrupy movie, music meant to manipulate your emotions and force you to cry about the state of humanity. FUCK YOU STUPID MUSIC. Then there was the music in the film "Match Point" that to me seemed like an actual character in the film, that was intrinsic to the film. The fact that "Crash" won best picture and "Match Point" wasn't even nominated just makes the Academy Awards stupider than ever. What morons!!!

Eliott has a God Mother who is the girl who lives downstairs in our building who walks him during the week while we are at work. She took him to get blessed at the church she goes to. He got water thrown on him by the priest. Now he is for sure going to heaven. I will not be seeing him there. She is eleven and she has recently become obsessed with fashion and labels. All of her friends are getting Ugg boots and she wanted me to buy her some on the internet with my credit card and she would give me the money. For whatever reason, I just really didn't want to do this. I told her, "You know you're going to spend all of your money on these boots and they are going out of fashion. Next year, you won't want to wear them, trust me. Ugg boots were popular when I was in the 8th grade and then they fell out of fashion. Now they are popular again but they will fall out of fashion soon." I didn't have the heart to tell her that they already are out of fashion but I was implying it with my tone. Then, last night she was over hanging out with Eliott and I, chatting us up (she talks non-stop) and she said to me, "Yesterday we had to write an essay in school about things that used to be in style that are in style again and I wrote about how Ugg Boots were popular in the 1980's and now they are popular again. It's so nice when you tell me things about history."

History?! I think she was making it up but I still laughed. "I got an A for it," she said. History indeed!!

Tomorrow is Friday. TGIF. My vacation really is over now. Time passes! Life goes on! Uggs go in and out of fashion. Whatever you do people, please, please for the love of God do not buy Crocs. They are so fucking ugly. Please, don't buy them.


At 6:52 PM, Blogger P'tit Boo said...

Wow .. it's been 6 years already since i got really drunk at that awesome party of yours !


At 12:12 PM, Blogger momster said...

I bought crocs! For my little girls! They are all the rage at their school. I bought the knock-offs for $6.99. It was a small price to pay for their happiness.
Now, if I had had to pay top whack for the genuine article....well, that's a different story.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger la Ketch said...

well i understand that you want your girls to be happy. but how can they wear them? do they close their eyes when they look down? ARE THEY BLIND? those are the ugliest shoes in the universe. i don't care how comfortable they are. if you want me to fly out to nebraska and sit them down and explain this to them. i will. i'll cancel my trip to london. this is important.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger karl said...

I'm sorry, I fail to see the ugliness in these shoes. They look comfortable and functional.
Those pointy-toed shoes I see Diane Sawyer wearing on GMA are hideous.(I won't even consider their comfort level.) What is the function of the point? Toothpick? Awl?
It seems that every woman I've ever seen wear them, also happens to be a mean nasty bitch. Is this a coincidence or a prerequisate?
And lastly, WTF is it, with women and shoes?

At 4:28 PM, Blogger la Ketch said...

oh karl, karl, karl... if you have to ask, we can't tell you. you do have to be a mean nasty bitch to wear pointy shoes. i own several pairs myself, so i know...

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Nathan Kornelis said...

My favorite anecdote that I've heard about those shoes goes something like this...

I guy comes into work wearing those kind of shoes, a little unsure of himself. When his co-workers point them out, he awkwardly says, "They're kind of gay, aren't they?"
Just then a gay coworker intergects "No. They are absolutely not gay. No gay man would be caught dead in a pair of shoes like that."

At 7:19 PM, Blogger momster said...

La Ketch. Do not come to Nebraska instead of London. My girls love their bright colors and they claim they are very comfortable. And, surely you know, that no amout of explaining by any expert is going to change a kid's mind when EVERYONE ELSE in the whole damn school is wearing them! (Not to mention their favorite babysitters.) They would be respectful of your opinion, of course. But then, come Monday morning, they would consult the calendar to determine if it's a gym day. If not, ON WITH THE CROCS!

At 3:23 AM, Blogger pete. said...

what I want is those crocs KNEEPADS!


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