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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Greenpoint curfew = nine o'clock

Last night Willis had a party and I didn't go. Why doesn't Willis have a blog? Can someone please answer me this? If he did, I could link to him when I type his name. Willis had this fundraiser party for this theatre company and I was totally planning on going. I even had this outfit planned. I was going to wear my light purple corduroy skirt with black knit tights and black furry fake Ugg boots from Payless along with my black welesly cable knit sweater and black corduroy blazer and my new pink plaid furry trapper hat from JCrew. Hello? That would have been cute right? I got home later than expected from work because it was a crazy day and dup had made this awesome dinner. We were both planning on going to the party. We were going to eat and then go but then I started getting quiet; quiet and then visibly sad. "What's wrong La Ketch?" dup said to me. "I'm just so tired. I'm so tired and I don't think I can go to the party." I was asleep by nine o'clock and dup was by my side because he was too tired to go to the party too. Ohmygodwearefuckingoldpeople.

The thing with Fridays is that I'm so tired from working all week that I tend to fall asleep by nine o'clock. If you are reading this Willis, I am very sorry that I missed your party and I will come to the next one but could you please make it on a Saturday?

The other problem with going out at all is that we live in Greenpoint Brooklyn and all of our friends live in the Carroll Gardens/Park Slope area. If you don't know Brooklyn let me explain to you that these neighborhoods are far away from each other and the train that connects the two neighborhoods has special needs. If it is after 10pm then the train is running in two parts and it takes forever and so we have to take a car. This doesn't sound like a big deal except that dup would rather donate both his kidneys to science than take a car anywhere. "Why would I take a car when I have a Metrocard?" is his sound yet cheap-ass reasoning. My response is, "Because it's fucking freezing and late and if we take the subway it will take an hour and half but if we take a car we will be home in fifteen minutes and I'll pay for it."

I love our neighborhood even though it is quite industrial because we have a great big park with an amazing view of the Mahattan skyline and a dog run that eliott loves. We have lots of great shops and restaurants and also we can be in Manhattan very quickly, it only takes me about 30 min to get to work - that's door to door. The problem is that we are the only people we know that live here (besides Kate and Josh and Chris and Sara AND T-DAWG who we love but Kate recently told me that she and Josh are looking at apartments in Park Slope, NO KATE!!). I wish we lived in Carroll Gardens with everyone else but dup gives me very good reasons why we can't move and in the end I always agree with him. We have a nice place and we pay pretty cheap rent for it (considering it's New York). Moving is a pain in the ass and it's expensive to do. If we move we aren't going to find as nice of a place and pay as cheap rent. We should just save our money for our move to California.

We are planning on moving to Los Angeles after dup graduates from school. More specifically, in the spring of 2008. I wish we were moving there now because as I look out my window I see this tree that is completely orange on the top and green on the bottom. The orange half is speaking to me, "Winter is coming you crazy bitch." My mind is in no way prepared for winter. This morning when I walked eliott, I was lamenting not wearing gloves my hands were so cold. It seems that there's no delaying it. It just makes me wonder, CAN I TAKE ONE MORE WINTER IN THIS GODFORSAKEN CITY?! Luckily, I've gotten myself an awesome winter coat from the Burlington Coat Factory. At Burlington Coat Factory you can get designer name coats at bargain basement prices. I wore this coat somewhat prematurely last night when I walked eliott before bed, just for a test run. I have to say it rulz. It's like walking around in a sleeping bag. Also, it was made by Michael Kors and it is fucking cute.

Dup needs the computer. I'm going to clean the bathroom.

la Ketch


At 2:55 PM, Blogger tdawg said...

I would like to say to you, la ketch and dup, that I live in Greenpoint. and it breaks my heart to not be mentioned as such.

At 2:59 PM, Blogger la Ketch said...

OMG! T-DAWG! I am so sorry. It's because you are in TEXAS!
i truly apologize. i'm changing the post to include you immediately! But this brings up a very good point. why don't we ever hang out in greenpoint? WHY. we need to start a green point club so that people will have to travel all the way from carroll gardens to come hang out with us. oh god, it will never work. as soon as you go back, i'm meeting you at enids for a beer. ON ME!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Sean Nelson said...

not old people...

GOLD people!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger P'tit Boo said...

I read your post before going to sleep and then I dreamt I went to the party....
And ....YOU were there !!!!

So there. You did go.


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