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Friday, October 28, 2005

not THE END, the end. just the end of the story.

Don't worry little goblins. I will keep blogging. I just needed to stop telling that one particular story. The good news is that I got it out. Something I've wanted to do for sometime. It's not perfect by any means but it's down there and now I can work with it. I may even turn it into a little book. That's sort of what I'm thinking. I needed to just end it though for now because I keep wanting to blog to you about other things, things happening in the present and I kept feeling like I couldn't do that until I finished this story. The other good news is that I love blogging and writing this story had given me more confidence in my writing and given me the drive to keep blogging. So now, I will probably just go on doing what most people are doing, writing whatever I feel like. I have some more stories about my childhood growing up in Cali and also my years in college and especially my experiences living in the City. so I will get those out there.

I really want to thank everyone for supporting my story telling, especially the gallivanting monkey, eve, sheila, bogface and dup. I couldn't have continued to write without you all demanding the next segment. That's what's so great about the Blog. You have this audience right there and you have to write for them or.... They will be sad. Don't be sad! I will blog again!! BwhOHHHAhaHAHAha ha haahoo ha!

la Ketch


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Eve said...

No- thank YOU, la Ketch. Thank YOU.


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