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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Karmic Plea (a story break)

Last night I lost my baby beagle. I got him back, don't worry! It was a horrifying 30 minutes though. We were at the pet store, which he hates for some reason, trying a new harness on him and he bolted out the door. This little dude is so fast. I ran after him but he was just so fast! I watched in horror as he darted across busy streets, almost getting hit by a car about 10 times. I was literally screaming my head off, crying hysterically. My behavior resembled Sally Field in a made for TV Mini Series. I was screaming out this phrase over and over again, "God please save my dog! Please God! Save him!" I was sprinting across the park, across the soccer fields, around by the playground and the abandoned Municipal Pool. I kept asking people to help me as I ran by but no one would help me. "Please help me get him, I can't run anymore, please!" People just stared. Finally, I made eye contact with this guy. I screamed at him, "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME HE'S GOING TO GET HIT BY A CAR AND DIE!" This got his attention. He started running too. We chased that crazy beagle for about another ten minutes and then we lost him completely. This guy continued to help me search, asking people if they'd seen him, etc. He kept saying to me, "Don't worry, we're going to find him." I was so distraught and I finally started walking across the field back towards the off leash Dog Park. I thought that if I went there, at least I could find other dog lovers and they would help me set up a dragnet. When I got there the park was full. I screamed out to the crowd, "Everyone, there is an emergency situation! My dog is running loose! He's a small beagle!" Then someone said, "He's here. He's right here." That little rascal had run to the dog park and when someone walked in with their dog, he followed behind, in essence trapping himself and saving his own life. Praise Jehovah!

As soon as I saw him I started bawling of course. I was so relieved that I almost puked. All I could think of the whole time was how heartbroken my husband was going to be if we lost this little guy. He just loves this dog so much. I didn't have his leash and I had to carry him about six blocks to the pet store. It was then that I realized the guy who was helping me was gone. I don't think that he even knew that I found my dog.

I'm hoping that if you are reading this and you care about people who are nice you might just take a moment to wish this man good will. I hope that if he is poor, he finds riches. If he has sorrows, his heart is healed. If he has an unrequited love, may she fall for him deep. Thank you kind man who finally listened and helped me look for my baby boy. May you know in your heart that I found him and he is safe. Wherever you are, may all of your wishes be granted.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger bladio said...

I am glad you saved Eliott! I am sad you had to go through such terror.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger adrien-alice said...

As a former beagle owner, I sympathize with how darn endearing they are, and how fast they can go (they look aerodynamically improbable; how can they galumph so swiftly?). I so glad he's found and home and probably shedding his special hound smell all over your pad. Thank god for the kindness of strangers. Seriously, where the hell would any of us be?

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Brikin Blog said...

Wow that's terrifying.

I'm extremely relieved this story has a happy ending.

At 2:49 AM, Blogger pete. said...

A few weeks ago Sally's harness came undone and for a few dramatic
seconds she was loose--she didn't even run anywhere but it took me a second to scoop her up in my arms...I tell ya, that took me all day to recover from, so I can't even imagine what you went through. I'm so happy it worked out. Give Elliot a chin rub for me.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Eve said...

Thank God your ridiculously cute poochie is ok! You must have been terrified watching him tempt fate with his real life game of Frogger in the street! Ugh!

Sending good vibes to the Helpful Stranger >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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