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Thursday, August 25, 2005

money where my blog is

i didn't really think i would do it. i swear. i didn't think i would but i am. i'm starting a blog. i've become obsessed with everyone else's blogs and now i've started to copy edit my husband's blog and so i think i have to. i figure this will give me something to do besides obsessively check the other blogs and critiquing my husband's blog. i find myself getting so mad at my blogger friends when they aren't posting often enough. often enough for me is like, at least once an hour. i'm going to need a gimick though. Yesterday i was thinking, maybe i'll try to tell my life story like a serial? i've keep thinking i have to put together a one woman show but it's really just based on this one story, which is a long story, so maybe i'll start by telling that. i'll start it later this afternoon, break up the day. i work at a finance company and it's august, which means that there is no one here. My boss is in sag harbor until after labor day. So i have some time on my hands and the internet...... i've finished it.


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